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  • It’s raining rain

  • Macro of a Ginko leaf in autumn |

    Ginko Leaf

    These can be stinky. But beautiful.

  • Turnstile

    Love the lines, love the color.

  • Saksun, Faroe Islands -

    Faroe Islands, First Day: Saksun

    After lunch on the first day, we drove a lot. These photos are from one of the stops, at Saksun…

  • Pastoral Barn by Jon Armstrong for - photo of a rustic barn

    Analog Efex Pro 2 is like having Instagram on your Mac or PC

    We talk about Analog Efex Pro 2. Probably too much talk.

  • image


    I love how the drops of water were lined up on these leaves.Depth of field a little too shallow still,…

  • A Single Tear by Jon Armstrong for - Macro shot of a raindrop on a green leaf

    Like Tears in the Rain

    It was still raining with a light breeze when I took this. I couldn’t get the right angle on any…

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - 2013, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong blog, angel, blurbomat, design, green, statue, still life, summer

    Broken Wing(s)

    Those eyes are both tired and freaky. Kindred spirit. Cf: Strabismus

  • image

    What is Hip?

    Here is your super fantastic 1973 answer: Epic hair. Epic. Happy Monday, people.

  • Jon Armstrong -, 2013, African Goose, blurbomat, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM, goose, green, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong blog, nature, wildlife

    African Goose

  • Jon Armstrong -, 2013, blurbomat, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM, green, heart, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong blog, leaf, macro, red

    Heart Song

  • Needles by Jon Armstrong.


    A macro shot of cactus needles taken outside of Moab, Utah. Manual focus.

  • photo of a street sign at Pike and Pine in Seattle, Washington taken by Jon Armstrong.

    Pike Place & Pine Street

    Gritty urban texture, important subcultural touchstones and a great Tom Waits song.

  • now-youre-cooking-with-tractor by Jon Armstrong.

    Deere Grill

    Looks like the green is going to my head. Anybody have a cure for gamma ray problems?

  • image

    Tower Vertebrae

    Snapseed to the rescue! Fun times taking a massive RAW file from a Canon 5D Mark II from Lightroom into…

  • image

    The Only Way Is Up

    Shared for color. I love this green/yellow. I think doctors call this "pushing through".

  • image


    Shot of a fence with 3 fleur-like tops. I assume they are in the same family as fleur. p.s. Fleur…

  • Willow photo by Jon Armstrong for

    Willow? Wilted?

    I shot this in my mom’s backyard on Sunday, while Marlo slept and Leta regaled us with theories of how…

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    Wake Up!

    Some nerdery hidden inside this photo post. P.s. I've received your messages about making the feed a little more friendly.

  • image


    Crazy winter sun through blue green sky and clouds teach us something. I have no idea what, but I'm open…