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  • Grainy & Gray

  • Brooklyn Bridge on left, East River all over

    Bridge to Everywhere

  • On Silvery Pond

  • Trees in Zion National Park along the Virgin River.

    In the Sticks

    Zion National Park, October, 2014.

  • One of the last, best shots from my former residence in Salt Lake City.

    On Fire

    June, 2014. Amazing sunset over Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Most of the Leaves Have Fallen

    November, 2015.

  • Stained glass reflected in a camera lens |

    Photo Decathlon: The final 24 hours

    The final day of the Photography Decathlon. It wasn't as bad as the first day, but it was still a…

  • September, 2015.

    Photo Decathlon Recap: First 24 Hours

    The 2015 Salt Lake City preliminary Photo Decathlon is over. I might be able to sleep now.

  • Bear Lake photo by Jon Armstrong, Utah, May, 2015 |


  • A tree stubbornly holds on to its leaves as the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, November, 2014. By Jon Armstrong for

    Tenacious Tree

    The tree absolutely refuses to let the leaves drop.

  • Autumn Sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah by Jon Armstrong Photography

    Another Autumn Great Salt Lake Sunset

    The sunsets are turning into a thing.

  • Sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, October, 2014.

    Autumn Sunset, Cue Fanfare

    Sunset with Antelope Island in the distance.

  • Faroe Islands, Sandav√°gur, Witch’s Finger

    Getting out to see this formation was an audible called by Matt, our tour guide. He said that given the…

  • Jon Armstrong - - The Morning Sun Heralds Like a Diva

    The Morning Heralded Like a Diva

    Nature, showing off. AGAIN.