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  • Canyon wall in Zion National Park

    Zion National Park Day One

    A longer post with images from the first day of our trip to Zion National Park.

  • Fall Break: Zion National Park

    Leta's feet as she disappears into a sandstone formation...

  • Excited! -

    I was not born a travelin’ man, but nature has her way

    Emerging from the dank and smelly web development lair, winter light making me squint… Thanksgiving has been a kind of…

  • Jon Armstrong - - Sisters. 2013, blurbomat, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong blog, Leta Armstrong, Marlo Armstrong, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City LGBT Pride March, spring, Utah Pride 2013


    Leta and Marlo at Utah Pride 2013.

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - My Girls - Blurbomat,, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM, Christmas, family, holiday, holiday 2012, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong Photography, Leta Armstrong, Marlo Armstong, presents, xmas

    My Girls

    Leta Armstrong holds her younger sister, Marlo Armstrong on Christmas morning, 2012.

  • Burning a Hole In My Sky by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Burning a Hole in My Sky

    A summer sunset to warm the heart during a vicious period of subzero temperatures and a bit of parental reflection.

  • Leta Armstrong and Marlo Armstrong on Christmas morning in their new car.

    Headed to the store in pajamas

    A great Christmas image of my glorious daughters. And some other stuff. But mainly about the daughters.

  • Merry Christmas from Leta, Marlo and Jon Armstrong

    Merry Christmas from the girls and me

    The requisite holiday shot. It's time for Marlo to attend design school. She's got art director all over the place.