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  • Movember 2011 Shave Off: It Is Done

    I shave off the mustache as @dooce shoots video! Hilarity ensues. Or doesn't. Whatever. It's effing gone.

  • Movember 2011 Time Lapse

    The final time lapse for Movember, 2011.

  • Say goodbye to Movember

    The final mustache shot of Movember, 2011.

  • Almost Done with Movember 2011

    One of the last photos from Movember, 2011. I need to shave.

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    Happy Movember 24, Turkeys! (jive or other)

    Shot on Thanksgiving, 2011. Used the default Camera app on the iPhone and filtered through Instagram.

  • More Facial Hair

    Some "looks" I've gone for this Movember.

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    Movember 3

    Wanting to tough up the mustache. Not working.

  • Famous Mustaches of the Rich and Famous

    Note the guitarist, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter laying it down for the Doobie Brothers, circa 1977. Sweet guitar licks combined with…

  • Movember 2011: Why I’m Doing This

    Wherein I finally get off my butt and ask for donations as part of Movember, 2011.

  • Catching Up

    Catching up. I'm always catching up. Includes a gallery from my recent trip to Palm Springs for Camp Mighty.

  • Movember – week 1

    Movember - week 1

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    Movember Starting Point

    Movember starting point. Gonna be a long month, kids.

  • Movember

    Movember. This year, I’m in, baby. I’ve shaved off the starter beard and I’m starting fresh today. I’ll be posting…