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  • Moody Rays

    Some people call these "God rays". I just call them "Shards of Sepulchral Light and Also Possibly Truth".

  • Time Machine

    Not a spaceship. A time machine.

  • Brooklyn Bridge on Golden Leaf Day |

    Golden Brooklyn Bridge

    Just gold.

  • Turning, an autumn photo of orange leaves dying off by Jon Armstrong |

    Slowly Turning

    Autumn is beautiful.

  • Theodore Roosevelt District Court Building, Brooklyn, New York |

    The Great and Powerful

    Crazy Hipstamatic.

  • Grumpy, funky column capital |

    Grumpy Capital

    Capital? Yes. Read on for more.

  • Perfectly Fine Middle Class |

    Perfectly Fine

    Graffiti detail, 190 Bowery.

  • White Blooms photo by Jon Armstrong |

    Peppered Blossoms

    Spring, 2015

  • Spring, 2015

    Hello, Morning.

    Spring, 2015

  • Spring blooms all over the place.

    Almost Lurid

    Not quite macro.

  • Pink tulips in window light |

    Naturally Soft Light

    An approach to editing exactly the opposite of my normal instincts.

  • Mark the Spot

    Marks the Spot

    Sometimes the light hits the clichés right in the gut.

  • Analog Efex Pro 2 helped created this faded view of midtown Manhattan.

    Pointy Heads and Flattops

    I'm always hopeful for spring.

  • I have a sweet view from my desk at Studiomates.

    Manhattan Bridge

    Studiomates = awesome. This view = also awesome.

  • Beautiful fall day in lower Manhattan.

    Yellow Canopy in Lower Manhattan

    Some color for the gray, middle of winter days.

  • Archtecture shot in lower Manhattan.


    Looking up.

  • Landing at the Front Edge of the Storm

    Stormy Descent

    Scary landing, cool photo.

  • 9/11 Tribute for 2014. The Freedom Tower is on the right.


    The lights go much further into the night sky than I’d imagined. It’s a beautiful and sobering tribute. You can…

  • July 4th, 2014, Brooklyn Bridge right before the fireworks begin by Jon Armstrong for

    Right Before the Fireworks Begin

    Another shot of the Brooklyn Bridge on July 4, 2014. Yes, another shot.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks - July 4, 2014 fireworks on the Brooklyn Bridge taken by Jon Armstrong for

    Happy Fourth of July

    The Brooklyn Bridge, with fireworks erupting from the bridge reflected in the East River.