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    The Cinema

    From 2002, right before we left Los Angeles. I think this is in or near Culver City. This is not…

  • Vacation

    For no reason other than maybe I’m gonna change hosts and I just feel like it, no new content will…

  • Total Crapper

  • Portholes

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  • Hell is for Children

  • Life Is Too Short

    For fans of (and/or people who posted the 47,000 comments) this entry, you might want to click the image below:…

  • Stairway to Heaving

  • Tenacious Chuck D

    Ultra topical title aside, dog ownership is awesome. Dogs have mind control powers. They look at you. They don’t blink.…

  • Socket Amidst Starlight

  • Gas

  • Latch

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  • Commode

  • That Car Bitch

    When someone strikes your car, and your car is parked, it is their fault. Always. Even if you parked illegally.…

  • Mo Something

  • Rushing Home

  • A day.

    My life, so-called and possibly cancelled, told via pictures. It’s a 440k download