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  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Old City Pigeons

    Old City Pigeons

    Wanted to get the lovely bricks as well as the boids. You guessed it: Old City, Knoxville, TN, baby.

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Eagles. BPOE, Knoxville, architecture, bricks, type

    In the Long Run

    I almost called it “Sad, Lonely Wall.” Then I changed my mind.

  • Bracket Macro by Jon Armstrong.

    Bracket Macro

    Same bracket from yesterday. So, same location. Sherlock. Sorry. It’s just the pain of the approaching winter talking.

  • Bracket by Jon Armstrong. Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.


    Seemed kind of lonely amidst all that great texture. Another Old City, Knoxville, TN shot, bitches.

  • Pipe by Jon Armstrong.


    Another Old City, Knoxville texture. While some might think it cliché to obsess about the texture of things, in my…

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Saloon - Patrick Sullivan, Knoxville, Old Town

    Patrick Sullivan’s Saloon

    Taken in Old City, Knoxville, Tennesse. This building seems less southern than western. Sure, at one point, Knoxville was the…

  • Woodsy by Jon Armstrong.


    I know, it probably should be called “Woody”, but that conjurs up too many different pop culture references. Woodsy only…

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Old City Knoxville, New Streetlight

    Old City, New Streetlight

    I love the design of this light. Clearly newly made to look old tymey, but not too cheesy. Kind of…

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Knoxville Cigar Co. - Cigar Neon, sign, neon

    Cigar Neon

    Taken in the part of Knoxville called Old City. I could shoot this part of town for hours at a…