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  • Planet Doughty

    M. Doughty live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taken 11/2/2011.

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    Movember Starting Point

    Movember starting point. Gonna be a long month, kids.

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  • So much colder today!

    Photo of a turning leaf. Shot with an iPhone 4S showing superb depth of field (for a camera on a…

  • Marlo’s hair

    Marlo’s hair (Taken with instagram)

  • Phoney 02 Cover

    Photos! Cheap!

    Hello remaining handful of readers! The print experiment continues. I want to provide my photos inexpensively to those who are…

  • Los Angeles Trip

    Had a blast!

  • Seasonings Greetings

    It’s a greeting card as well! Click here to purchase!

  • iPhone photo processed in Mill Colour and Camera Bag

    Vintage Detroit Iron 2

    1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Original owner. I still miss the 1972 Buick LeSabre my dad bought in 1983. It had 20k…

  • Vintage Detroit Iron

    1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Original owner.

  • turned-leaf by .

    Turned Leaf

  • Abstract Floor Lamp

  • F20 by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    F20 error!

    Oh, Maytag…

  • Berries

  • Mystery Hand

  • A little more than rose-colored

    Really digging the iPhone photo tweak apps. On this image: Toy Camera, TiltShift Generator and Mill Colour.

  • It is snowing

  • Chuck Has Taught Her Well

    The ever comical dog preening in the morning sun. She’s a diva.

  • The rain will not stop

  • Looks Like an Autumn Pic

    Taken on last night’s dog walk.