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  • Plowing Through by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Plowing Through

    Our little Coco gleefully showing her love of snow. This is what my face looks like (in human form) when…

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Coco Surveys Her Work

    The Artist Surveys Her Work

    Coco is checking out “cloud” placement in her work Plush Deconstruction: Synthetic Clouds of Existent and Metaphysical Manifestation. She seems…

  • Coco Chews by Jon Armstrong.

    Chewing Still For Just a Moment

    Getting clear shots of this dog, even with a nice camera is difficult. She moves very very quickly and is…

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    Coco Waits

    She’s stalking Chuck here in a rare moment of still. This was taken a couple of weeks ago just after…

  • The World’s Cutest, Most Awful Dog

  • Snow Nose by Jon Armstrong for

    A Little Furrocious

    Taken this past Sunday while on our hike. Both Chuck and Coco have this move they do when running through…

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    The Face of Evil

    She doesn’t look like she’s that evil here, but believe me, this dog is a holy terror. We haven’t slept…

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    The Dame

    She’s awfully cute, despite having dusty bits that look like dandruff, but are really just crumbs and bits from wrestling…

  • Coco by the Numbers

    My life with Coco is proceeding quite nicely, despite her lack of housebreakery. She’s a stubborn one, like all the…

  • Coco is out of it

    Shot with my iSight. Kind of hard to get a good angle. I’ll be joining her soon.

  • Coco Had a Rough Day

  • Making it Hard to Get Work Done

  • Coco Sleeps

  • Boo

    When your dog looks at you, as a man, and says with his look, “dude, can you do something about…

  • Tenacious Chuck D

    Ultra topical title aside, dog ownership is awesome. Dogs have mind control powers. They look at you. They don’t blink.…

  • Dog Living