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    A super wide angle shot looking to San Francisco from Treasure Island.

  • Still Gray Lady by Jon Armstrong.

    Still Gray Lady

    1200 words about a god damn bridge. And I'm not even talking about the Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge!

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    “Blue is the Color of My Tears”

    Memories. Grief. Architecture. The color blue.

  • shedding by Jon Armstrong.

    Treasure Island Molting

    Decay on Treasure Island! Sounds like a Robert Louis Stephenson novel. It's not. Just an image.

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    Car Art

    A detail shot of graffiti on the side of a van. Taken in Chinatown on a great photowalk. Also: DRINK…

  • Departures and Arrivals

    A couple of shots from 10,001 feet above the earth. Flying!

  • Outer Sunset

    When it’s not foggy, the magic hour light in the Sunset can be delicious. But it’s usually foggy. * *…

  • Taggered

    Detail from a parked van covered in graffiti.

  • From a Late Night Train

    Chinatown. Need I say more?

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    San Francisco street musician eats fire as part of his show. Nice.

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    Red Crane

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    Purple Vents

    Vents on the side of the SFMOMA. I made them blue/purple.

  • Hearst Building

    More of the façade from yesterday’s image.

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    A lion, licking

    Detail from the Hearst Building in San Francisco.

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    Big H

    Alternative title: The Color of Money.

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    Night Lens Flare

    This was an intentional “mistake”.

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    Love the crackly letters.

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    5 Seconds Over SF

    Not technicaly over. Above?

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    U, V, W . . .

    I remember getting drinks here after work one night in 2000? Seems odd to refer to the year 2000 like…