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  • Coffee Siphon

    Glass siphon for brewing coffee. Really really good coffee.

  • Brooklyn Sycamores |

    Trees do actually grow in Brooklyn

    Holding on to this nearly golden leaf day shot for the cold days ahead.

  • Salt Lake City sunset with the barely visible Salt Lake International Airporrt control tower and ascending jet in the background. |

    Hope at the End

    The last rays of a day from a year ago.

  • Silent Billboard by Jon Armstrong for - Sun rising behind an empty billboard structure.

    Silent Billboard

    Sony QX100. Slow as hell, but damn, it can do some magic.

  • Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

    It happens every day

  • Jon Armstrong for It was Sunny One Day Last Week

    It Was Sunny One Day Last Week

    Nature is dreamy.

  • A late afternoon sun behind snow-covered trees in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cold Night Ahead by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Cold Night Ahead

    It's so very cold. And the coffee is so very hot.

  • Sunflare Leaves by Jon Armstrong.

    Sun Flared Leaves

    Autumn iPhone 4S Hipstamatic shot without the purple artifacts present in the iPhone 5. Imagine!

  • 120302-120226-IMG_2533-on-frozen-pond-source_Snapseed-on-frozen-pond-940 by .

    On Frozen Pond

    Obscure 80s reference to this photo.

  • image


    Crazy winter sun through blue green sky and clouds teach us something. I have no idea what, but I'm open…

  • image


    Key learning: timing is everything. And a good affirmation today. Yes, I'm making these up as I go. Neon sign!…

  • image

    Real Power

    Crazy shot right into the sun by me, Jon Armstrong.

  • image

    Grasping For Light

    A crazy tree, the winter sun and a bunch of words about slowing down. Easier than it sounds.

  • image

    Shining Right at Me

    Straight on sun shot with heavily processed colors. Must be viewed large.

  • Monsoon Sun

    I still can’t believe I can shoot and edit a shot like this from my phone. Future!

  • Chuck Has Taught Her Well

    The ever comical dog preening in the morning sun. She’s a diva.

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Eclipse - streetlight eclipse


    I’ve got a thing for the sun behind objects. This one was taken while I was walking on the UTK…

  • Palm Sun by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Palm Sun

    I love the crazy bark on these trees. Like somebody came along and did some weaving. Giant weaving. Plus, non-fake…

  • Aggregate by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.


    Taken in Vancouver in the middle of a construction zone. The sun was in the perfect location and right as…

  • Northwest Stats

    Coffee (per day): 4 Traffic: n/a Speed Limit (average): 20 mph under where it needs to be Booze: Balanced precariously…