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  • Zion National Park, October, 2014.

    Fall Break: Zion National Park Day 2

    We hiked the Emerald Pools trail in Zion National Park.

  • Canyon wall in Zion National Park

    Zion National Park Day One

    A longer post with images from the first day of our trip to Zion National Park.

  • Fall Break: Zion National Park

    Leta's feet as she disappears into a sandstone formation...

  • Marlo on a bike

    The Future is Hers

    Marlo, "practicing" bike riding.

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    I’ve debated the level of sharing too much about my recent trip with Leta. I’ll probably write a regular post…

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    As we picked up speed to take off.

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    One sees things differently while waiting in long lines.

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    Intentionally Bokeh

    Happy accident.

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    Arced Circles

    During breakfast while on vacation, I took this shot and Leta was very annoyed. I explained that I like taking…

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    Rain on Plane

    Changed the focus of this image and was amazed at the results.

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    Taken in a hotel while Leta and me searched for an ATM. She was panicked when the ATM we found…

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    Lunar Deck

    Taken during the magic hour while Leta showed me what she’s been learning in swimming lessons. Her normal pool-related anxieties…

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    A Layer of Smog Envelopes Salt Lake City

    Taxiing for takeoff. Leta was not comfortable with me taking pictures before takeoff.

  • mirrormesa by Jon Armstrong.

    Mirror Mesa

    Saying goodbye to Moab is the hardest part.

  • Near the Colorado

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    Driving out of Moab. The power lines and railbed give a nice sense of scale.

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    Heading Home

    This was taken as we were headed home. I was trying to capture the sick trees along the Colorado River…

  • rivermesa by Jon Armstrong.

    River Mesa

    On the Colorado.

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    Red (Orange, really) Hot and Cool


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    Descending from Hurrah Pass

    Finally getting to our Moab shots. This was taken on our way back down from our day trip to Hurrah…