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  • It’s raining rain

  • Drip

    Those helicopter seed pods look simultaneously tough and fragile. Note: More technically, Maple fruit. Even more technically, one of the…

  • September, 2015.

    Photo Decathlon Recap: First 24 Hours

    The 2015 Salt Lake City preliminary Photo Decathlon is over. I might be able to sleep now.

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    I love how the drops of water were lined up on these leaves.Depth of field a little too shallow still,…

  • Wet With Tears by Jon Armstrong for

    Wet With Tears

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    Greater New Orleans Bridge

    I took this just as it started to sprinkle and we decided to get out of the rain. I got…

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    I’m thinking that to really get the best shots of surf, you have to be in the surf itself. Which…

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    Tide Pool

    The drop off looks totally fake, but the water really is that shallow and then gets that deep and then…

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    Desperately Seeking Lunch

    I played a lot in aperture-priority mode on this trip. I’d force myself to keep the ISO at 100 and…

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    The Tide is High

    The 12° F weather this morning makes me very sad to not be at a place where I can see…

  • Water


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    Starring Tom Hanks, John Candy and Eugene Levy. And Daryl Hannah. This one was from 2008. San Diego. Sick vacation…

  • Sprinklers (Hot Fun in the Summertime) by Jon Armstrong.

    Hot Fun in the Summertime

    I’m not sure why shots like this always remind me of childhood. Sure, I’ve tried to evoke a mood and…