Tower Vertebrae

Taken in San Francisco here:

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This one was taken during an informal photowalk during the Google Plus Photography Conference with Mark Esguerra, a great photographer and very nice person. You can see his blog here, his portfolio here and his Google+ profile here. We had just shot the Bay Bridge and were walking back to the conference when I looked up and fired off a couple of shots of this building. I was playing around with a demo of Nik Software’s Viveza 2 (watch the video; the good stuff starts at 1:58) plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. My demo time ran out so I opened the above image in Snapseed and started to tweak. I love the ability to save TIF files from Snapseed, but for non-grungy, more straightforward edits, I’m looking hard at Viveza.

Adobe could do something similar with adjustment brushes in Lightroom if they wanted to. Snapseed is essentially Viveza with less daunting controls, grunge notwithstanding.

  • Amanda Brumfield

    I’ve been studying your technique for a while now and I still don’t see angles like you do. This picture is stunning. 

    • blurb

      Thanks! I’m flattered that you consider my technique worth studying. Whoa.

      It’s trial and error, I think. The big part is the try part. I take a lot of photos. They aren’t all winners. The error part is that most of them are not worth the hard drive space. :-)

  • bambooska

    The blur kind of makes it look like a miniature. Right?

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