Treasure Island Molting

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Treasure Island Molting

This is from the Treasure Island photowalk I took part in as part of the Google Plus Photography Conference last week. One of my fellow walkers, Alan Allum (hit that link, he’s got some lovely flower shots), pointed me towards a building that was boarded up and looked like an subject for durability testing for exterior paint. Kept shooting around until I got a larger version of this. When I zoomed to check my sharpening, this crop came up. It looked more interesting than the larger image. I am glad I had the 5D Mark II on this shoot, because the crop wouldn’t be as nice as this one.

* * *

I’m back from the getaway with Leta. So good to be solo with her. Yesterday morning I got up early and went to shoot the sunrise. I almost didn’t do it because I knew that I’d wake up Leta, no matter how quiet I’d be. She did wake up and I told her to go back to sleep. Other family members were up and about, so it wasn’t like I was leaving her alone. She gets along really well with the cousins, but given the vacation mode late nights, I mistakenly thought she’d fall back asleep. When I returned, I heard her come downstairs and look at me with a smile. “I couldn’t get back to sleep and I tried your bed and my bed and it was too cold.”

I showed her the shots I took and gave her enough sugared cereal to fuel the rest of our day. Which backfired on our drive home. She complained for 85% of the trip about feeling like she “kind of might throw up”.

“Do you want me to pull over so you can barf?”


“Let’s pull over so you can get some fresh air.”

As she reluctantly got out and walked three or four steps, I made a bed for her across the backseat and my hopes of her getting some rest were dashed when she kept moaning. She’s normally a great car traveller, so this was unusual. She made it home without incident and immediately ran inside the house when I dropped her off. I went inside to give Marlo some squeezes and say hello. I heard a toilet flush. Then I heard it again.

Leta came bounding downstairs to say goodbye, a changed person. Given the bowel family history, I’ll leave you to arrive at the cure.

* * *

Daily affirmation: Speak openly with somebody close. But don’t be annoying and have weird proximity issues. Just speak openly.