I’m in San Francisco for a few days for the Google+ Photography Conference. I’ll try to post regularly from my phone and whatnot, but no guarantees.

Yesterday, I went with my old college buddy and his family to a park in the Sunset to watch the eclipse. I got a couple of shots using Hipstamatic where the eclipse is visible via lens flare. Look at the very bottom of this one:

click image to see a larger version

A tiny crescent. Nice!

Daily affirmation: Lighten your load.

  • Kristan

    Love both of these shots. San Fran, like NOLA, is a very photograph-able city. :)

  • Andrea Amicangelo

    Not to sound totally lame but that photograph is sort of magical and it took my breath away. 

  • Michael Mathews

    Welcome to my town. Hope the conference and your visit are great.

  • americanrecluse

    Oh! It’s beautiful.

  • Torchness

    We’re heading to SF on Thursday night, how’s the weather? It SAYS highs in the mid 60s, but that’s so deceptive, especially to those of us from Texas.

    • blurb

      If you haven’t been to SF, you should consult a travel guide. It’s cold at night and can be cold during the day, even if it says mid 60s.

    • Beth Rich George

       Bring a sweater.  It’s like March/April in Texas, where it will be pleasantly warm until the sun goes down, and then there’s so much humidity you get a chill. 

    • Michael Mathews

      Yeah, it’s often damp and windy, especially on those highs in the 60s days. And the temperature will vary all over city because some areas will have fog and some will have sun most days. Always have a sweater or light jacket with you.

  • Lisa D

    Thank you for giving a name to the phenomenon that I saw in every photo I tried to take of the eclipse.  It sounds much better to say “lens flare” than “weird inverse reflection thingie” as I have been calling it.

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