Unholy Moly 2

From the Mormon-owned daily in Salt Lake:

Deseret Morning News | Intro change in Book of Mormon spurs discussion

In the interest of another viewpoint.

My point in publishing this is that I believe Mormonism and the LDS church are a unique picture of American religion. When a change like this happens, it’s fun to watch from the sidelines. There are a lot of arguments which can be successfully made, but I’m just going to ask that if you choose to comment about this, do so to add something good to the discussion. I’d like to find out if blurbomat readers even care about stuff like this. When Heather and I travel, we are usually asked about Utah culture and Mormonism, so I assume it’s a natural curiosity and something of an interest.

My take: Doesn’t change my views about religion, god or Mormonism. Just interesting that the change was all over the local media yesterday and last night. Haven’t seen it on the national news. But isn’t that what makes the internet enjoyable? Discussions about local issues with insight from other locales??