Update on the Nut Jobs

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  • Wend

    Jeffs sounds just like Brigham Young. The FLDS church is true! 😀

  • sweetney

    the racism and sexism are pretty much standard wacko-religion teachings, but what i find particularly disturbing is this dude’s hateration of the rock. i mean, its like this guy never even heard of jesus christ superstar. heh.

  • Jennifer

    A bunch of 60-yr old men with 20 teenage wives? Sure that’s normal…. puke

  • rhonda

    That’s just wrong.

  • Tammy

    I felt this need to read up on mormon fundamentalism once. They’re scarry even among fundamentalists. In the after-life there’ll be a special club for them and the Muslem extremists.

  • joh3n

    Whoa there, somebody take away this dude’s ‘tussin. I practically fell asleep listening to his sermon, and it was 10 seconds long!

  • Laila

    is he serious?

  • S.Grace

    I thought I had come to a satire site.
    But then, I am Canadian, and when I heard Tucker Carlson on CNN, I thought it was a comedy routine too.
    Crazy Americans, heh.

  • honeybunny

    so the world is ending today, eh? and to think, i’m stuck here at work. damn timing.

  • Katiemagic

    Why do all the crazy people feel the need to end the world in Texas? Just once I’d like to see a story about someone in this state who is not 1.crazy 2.racist 3.gun crazy 4.anti-gay 5.related to W 6.southern Baptist. We do exist.

  • Tracie

    Katie- I exist! I’m not crazy, racist, gun crazy, anti-gay, related to W (yuck!), nor am I a Southern Baptist!

    God, this article that Jon posted is freaky. It’s almost as bad as the whole Branch Davidian thing (which was NOT in Waco, thankyouverymuch)- religious whackos scare me.

  • the mighty jimbo

    warren jeffs is still around?

    nobody has busted that fucktard for child prostitution or endangerment or molestation yet?

    sombody get on that, please!

  • Tracy

    Oh yeah. Great. Soooo glad that’s happening in Texas, ’cause that’s JUST what we need. More positive publicity. UGH

    I swear, I need to start a website that is entitled “We’re Not All Nut Jobs, I Swear”

  • Tracy

    (By the way, I’m speaking of Texans, not FLDS members…I can’t verify that FLDS members aren’t nut jobs, I don’t know any.)

  • marie

    i’ll gladly contribute to your website. i am also a non-nutjob texan, and i’m really fucking tired of all of the nutjobs adding to the stereotype that most texans are bass-ackwards retards!

  • Katiemagic

    Yay! Ass forwards Texans unite! Has anyone else seen promos for the TLC show about Dallas. Looks bad, looks very very bad.

  • Tracie

    Yeah, but you all know what? Try being from Waco. Now- THAT sux. Because if I so much as meet anyone that finds out where I’m from, they think I’m some Bush worshipper that lives on a fucking compound. In-SANE.

    I’m normal- I SWEAR!

  • J

    I checked in with that site this afternoon when I remembered why I’d made a mental note that something was supposed to happen on 4/6. Got more than I expected. He’s an idiot.

  • marie

    i saw this nutjob on the news last night….he was holding up a bible w/ a swastika on it. scary!!

    and tracie, i can only imagine….i’m originally from dallas but now live in houston…. the waco-stereotype must suck even more than just the texan one! =)

  • Tracie

    Marie- yeah, it really does. I tell folks ALL THE TIME- we, in Waco, heard about all that Branch Davidian shit same way everyone else- I never knew those people existed! Of course, now that the Baylor Lady Bears won the 2005 NCAA Championship- maybe that will help some!

  • deleted

    Katiemagic, as a Southern Baptist, I think it’s extremely insulting that you would include Southern Baptists in a list such as this:

    “1.crazy 2.racist 3.gun crazy 4.anti-gay 5.related to W 6.southern Baptist.”

    This list implies that S.B.’s are gun toting, racist, Republican homophobes. I am a Southern Baptist, and I am none of those things. I have voted Republican in the past, but I have been known to vote for Democrats, too(alas, Al Gore).

    I’m sure that there are many S.B. who are those things you mentioned. But there are also many Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans etc. who share those same narrow views. If people are racist gun lovers, then they are not true Christians.

    Don’t you know that hating a whole group of people that you don’t know is predjudice?

  • deleted

    As for the Mormon who hates black people…anyone who says he loves God but who hates his fellow man is not a true disciple of Christ.

  • Strizzle

    I actually am looking forward to the inevitable true crime novel that will result from this maniac.

    Seclusion, hate, and God are all ingredients for kill em’ all stew and it seems this man has the pot a brewin’.

    The sad thing is that people who get involved in this are to dumb to realise, don’t want to realise, or once they do can’ get out.

    I just feel bad for the kids all wrapped up in this, and all crazy ass mess with your head situations. The adults are just that, well…most of them.

    And, shouldn’t I be dead by now? Did he mention what YEAR on April 6th we are all going to die?

  • mamaloo

    Frankly, I tend to think of anyone who refers to themselves and their peers as “disciples of Christ” is off their nut.

  • han

    I’d never heard if this man before your post. It seems that some people will abide anything as long they’re allowed to live the way they want to. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt or how unethical/immoral their practices might be.

  • deleted


    From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

  • Katiemagic

    Deleted: You’re obviously a much better person than me, please pray for my hateful soul. I clearly said in my post that I hate all Southern Baptists AND that Southern Baptists are gun toting crazy people. It’s all there, clear as crystal. Thank you, Deleted, for showing me the error of my hate filled ways.

  • Neil

    Listening to the audio reminded me of the televised “conference” weekend that we just endured here in Utah. It has that same eery sound to it.

  • deleted


    You’re right. I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me.

  • kara

    sooooo creepy.
    creepy like a bag full of eyeballs.

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