Utah’s Republican Governor Enjoys Coddling Racist Senator

I can’t believe this isn’t getting more attention. I’ve been busy having my head zapped and my nostrils prodded and haven’t linked to this:

Salt Lake Tribune – NAACP: Buttars should quit over ‘black’ baby comment; Gov. says let voters decide

Main story:

Salt Lake Tribune – Buttars’ racial slur leads to rebuke, apology

From the Mormon-owned paper:
Deseret Morning News | Buttars apologizes for potentially racist comment (nice use of “potentially”)

No one is acting well in this debacle. Governor Huntsman needs to take a stand. The Utah Senate and legislature needs to take a stand. The citizenry need to take a stand, particularly those who elected this nutburger. GOP thinking and acting at its worse.

Sen. Buttars is a stain on the state and a puppet of the fundamentalist right wing machinery that thrives in Utah. Further, it seems to thrive on hate, ignorance and intolerance. That Buttars hasn’t resigned over these comments or been censured in any way is a huge liability for the mainstream culture in Utah.