Video and a Giveaway

I shot and edited this:


GIve the video a moment to load. If you have a hard time seeing the video, click here to view it.

Which is part of the Xbox Joy Ride Kinect giveaway over on the mothership HQ. 5 systems are being given away! Get on over and enter.

In my defense, I was dancing to “Body Movin” and the dance included very stuttery moves. I need to loosen up the joints. The Kinect is a game changer. Absolutely love how Leta has taken to it and love how fun it is to play together. It’s definitely a workout, though.

  • brewcaster

    Looks like someone NEEDED a drink. 😉

    That was a very fun video to watch, good job on the editing!

    • blurb

      Thanks! And yes, I did need a drink.

  • Janice

    Awesome job on the editing. Enjoyed the video very much. Must comment though, you have nothing to defend, Jon. I saw a man who went out of his comfort zone for the love of his daughter and family. Great example for Leta to show her daddy will back her up when she steps out of her comfort zone.

  • UtahMom58

    I love the video. Great job. That’s some terrific fun at the Armstrong house. Thank you for sharing with us.