Video: Daily Show Clip Underscores GOP Punditry Hypocrisy

I watched this last night and I am happy to share it here:


And they STILL claim a moral high ground. HAHAHAHAHAHA. GOP = Done.

  • kristine

    oh wow, that was excellent.
    i missed that episode- thanks for putting it up.

  • casey0222

    I think what I like most about this is that someone finally did it on either side, just to show that anything is ok…until you’re doing it to me. It’s both scary and amusing that I find more real news on the daily show than I do on the major networks. The networks are trying SO HARD to break the next big story that forget what’s important because, if they paused to think, NBC might get there first. The Daily Show just wants to inform and entertain and has, smartly, taken themselves out of the race to break the next stupid story and put themselves in critiquing those who do.

  • elevendreams

    That rocked! I missed it as well and echo the thanks for the post. Oh, while I’m at it, your wife rocks, too. Consider me a virtual blurbodoocery groupie.

  • christieb

    That’s a fantastic clip, thanks for sharing. If Obama isn’t elected, I will fall into a major depression.

  • courtney

    @case0222: I can’t watch other news sources either besides The Daily Show. I don’t know why other larger media outlets don’t jump on these clips as much as Mr. Stewart does.

  • m.cellophane

    I wish all of the news organizations would dump anyone associated with either party. It’s not news to listen to a political hack dodge every question just so they can spew their biased uninformative opinions.

    Thank you for posting this. On the flip side, last night I was saddened to see Paul Begala and Donna Brazile on CNN as they dodged and refused to say that Harry Reid’s description of Palin’s speech as “shrill” was not a sexist remark.

    I was embarrassed as a Democrat to see that. The whole process is rather disgusting; isn’t it?

  • Maiken

    Love. It.

  • tracy

    my husband & I got a good laugh out of the Daily Show last night, as well. And the 2nd largest city in Alaska? That would be Fairbanks, not Wasilla!

  • booner32

    Greatness. Funny shit.

  • jdg

    last night’s episode was all really, really spot on. my wife even managed to stay awake for the whole thing.

    I think the writers were showing off for Newt.

  • themightyjimbo


    you! with the link goodness today! i almost want to hug you. stellar stuff man.

    i really am beginning to think that everyone in the Republican party used to sell used cars or worked as televangelists.

  • Patrick

    Even as a non US citizen I say:

    Great! Absolutely great!

  • Jill Shalvis

    I saw this on Perez and gobbled it up last night, loving it.

  • DaddyScratches

    Is there anyone better than Jon Stewart or any show greater, particularly right now, than “The Daily Show”? No. No, there is not.

  • jmcdonie

    Comparing Sarah Palin and her husband to Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears’ parents is absolutely ludicrous. GOP prevails in November…again.

  • leesavee

    You and/or Heather got a DEATH THREAT because of what she wrote yesterday? Is that true? Holy moly, Jon. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I’m horrified.

  • bobsbs

    You can’t make this stuff up, it’s so comical though sad. So sad:

  • Coyote

    Thanks so much for that video clip! I missed that episode.

    You might enjoy reading a response to Palin’s speech that was written by the folks at the Matthew 25 Network. Don’t cringe. Even if you’re not a Christian, you will appreciate their surprising and not-to-be-missed sentiments. Read inside the scroll box, too. It’s great for getting your purportedly Christian friends and relatives to take another look at Palin (and themselves, if they support her).

  • southerngirl

    Another great piece on last night’s show was when Samantha Bee was talking to different conventioneers about Palin’s daughter’s decision to keep her baby and trying to get them to say the word “choice”. Talk about hypocrisy.

  • MonicaC

    DaddyScratches – The Colbert Report is almost as consistently good [and some nights – even better]!

    Go blurbodoocery GO!

  • cml

    who knew hypocrisy could be so entertaining! i just don’t understand how they can stand themselves after spewing such hate filled speech.

    p.s. much to the mrs’ dismay (i’m sure) they are now making Disney princess crocs! please pass the joyous news on to Ms. Leta

  • kim at allconsuming

    awesome on a most awesome scale.

  • minxlj

    “I really am beginning to think that everyone in the Republican party used to sell used cars or worked as televangelists.”

    themightyjimbo – Brilliant quote…LOL, all too true :-)

    It’s intriguing me that the US elections are turning into more of a mud-throwing match than ours in Britain normally do, and that’s saying something. We’re all watching avidly here – please don’t let that crazy woman get into office!!!

    Still, when I see ‘Palin’ I always think of Michael, the Monty Python legend. I’d support him for VP though, he has more common sense for sure…

  • southerngirl

    I’m really discouraged after reading some of the crazy, nutcase Pro-McCain/Palin comments on Heather’s blog after her very honest, very true assessment of the Republican ticket.

    Even after they hear the truth, these people resort to the same old worn-out, trite political responses– Dems tax and bail out the lazy, Repubs save us from terrorists and create small government. And this is after the disaster of the last 8 years of Bush & Co and a Republican Congress that gave us the largest deficit in history, created more terrorists through their foreign policy debacles, and could care less about saving the planet for our children. Do they REALLY think America would be better off with more of the same???? It boggles the mind.

    I’m reminded of an old joke: A young reporter is sent to cover his state’s senate sessions. After sitting through hours of stupid, childish arguments over issues that don’t matter, he turns to one of the older reporters in the press section and asks him, “How can you stand listening to these people day after day?’ The older reporter responds, ‘If you think these guys are bad, you should see their constituents.”

  • southerngirl

    Loved Letterman’s rant on global warming:

  • Donny Pauling
  • teddy25

    I find this even funnier.

    I just gets better every day. Hopefully we can end this fiasco.

  • dahmadyar

    I just don’t understand how people are so blind to these morons. Everyday that I hear McCain is up in the polls makes me more convinced that America is filled with a bunch of idiots. I just don’t know what I will do if they get elected…

  • All Adither

    Oh. Please. God-in-which-I-don’t-believe. Let the GOP be Done.

  • sean415

    Yet somehow, in light of all this… and every other inconsistency.. people are buying what they’re selling—and it scares the hell out of me. A McCain/Palin win means I’m moving to Canada.

  • writer

    I especially love John Stewart’s take on both conventions. There are many of us out here who have failed to conform to one political party or slant and refuse to call another human an idiot simply because they chose to do so.

    Surely we are all too smart to be this polarized by politicians.

    Great link, I think….

  • DaddyScratches

    MonicaC wrote: “DaddyScratches – The Colbert Report is almost as consistently good [and some nights – even better]!”

    Oh, yes, I am a big fan of Mr. Colbert’s work as well. In fact, I do believe he became my biggest hero of all time when he spent 20 minutes absolutely skewering Bush right to his face during the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner; only guy in the world who at any point during the past 8 years has been able to tell the president what so many of us have been thinking:

  • DaddyScratches

    Oops. I got all sassy and tried to embed the video, but that apparently is a no-no. Here’s the link: