Like you need me to tell you.

Voting this morning wasn’t too bad. A small line. I would imagine it will get crazier as the day progresses.

When I was a kid, my dad was a political junkie (runs in the family) and he’d take us down to the local paper, on a school night! and watch the results come in. It was a cool thing to see the votes being reported in real-time. My dad would drink the complimentary apple cider and schmooze with the press, the onlookers and try to talk to us about what was happening. It was pretty cool. Our Sunday lunch/dinners were always loaded with political disucssion. I have a couple of siblings who disagreed with my dad, and the discussions got pretty heated, usually with my dad calling bull or horseshit and one of the siblings muttering something under their breath. Not unlike the scene in Ice Storm where Christina Ricci is going off about NIxon.

My dad was a city councilman who left politics to help my mom with her business when her partner wanted out. My great-grandfather was a mayor. My mom said that my great-grandmother believed that women should be allowed to vote, and was more liberal than my great-grandfather. Apparently, she was hard of hearing and their political arguments were loud and fierce. I’ve always been drawn to C-SPAN and politics. I’ve just never had the gonads to jump in all the way.

No matter who wins, today I think of my dad and how he’s most likely rolling in his grave with my political leanings.