Wall Growth

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Wall Growth

Outside the Lafayette No. 1 cemetery in the Garden District.

We got the idea of renting bikes and doing a photo ride from Jim (of Sweet-Juniper, sweet set of NOLA photos here) who was on my man panel at Mom 2.0 (there is a Dad 2.0 conference next year). He graciously allowed us to tag along and it was one of the definite highlights of this trip.

Unfortunately, we got to the cemetery as it was closing for the day. At noon. I was unaware of this fact and was enjoying the leisurely vibe of our bike ride. So apologies to Jim for taking so long to get my bike locked. We couldn’t understand why you’d close a cemetery at noon on a Saturday, but maybe it had to do with caretaker expenses?

This is one of three shots from the cemetery that day. I’m sharing this mostly as an example of the extreme depth of field possible with the 85mm 1.2. There’s maybe 3-5″ of focus in this shot. I opened the 85 all the way up and had the ISO set to 100. I wished I had a filter or two so I could slow down the shutter speed and help a bit with the exposure, but Lightroom came to the rescue. Again.