I really wanted to make a Wang Chung thing happen with the title. Then no.

I have 6 versions of this image in Lightroom with varying degrees of tweak. I made a copy of the master image and decided to go opposite of what my normal instincts are when working on a landscape. I like the darkness in this one. I think it makes the clouds stand out more and helps draw out the painterly aspects.

* * *

The threes. Can we talk? The threes suck. Straight up. My sweet girl can turn on me in an instant and flash to boundary testing, insolence and tantrums. Over the slightest thing. I remember some epic battles with Leta about food, sleeping, not interrupting, which movies could be watched when. Three year old Marlo is giving three year old Leta a run. This isn’t meant to sound critical or judgey. Leta had a particular way of moving or not moving when playing. It wasn’t always what one might consider as “normal”. Marlo is closer to a normal kid; climbing, running, getting out of bed during sleeping hours or other non-approved out of bed times, sneaking into the bathroom to play in the water (I’ve got a bath towel permanently on the vanity for such moments) and pushing physical boundaries in ways that Leta didn’t. But damn if she can’t tantrum with the best. And then boom, click done. Back to sweet. I’ve done the Satan ventriloquist thing with her more than I wish. But the law must be laid down. I don’t want to make this call:

“Hello, I’m Jon’s landlord. How can I help you?”

“Hey. Yeeeeeeeah, um. My three year old apparently decided to leave the sink faucet running while I was cooking dinner and I think the bathroom floor is… spongey. I think it’s about to collapse on our downstairs neighbor. Really sorry!”

She’s a good kid. Just being three and evil at times.

* * *

Affirmation: Don’t lose your lips in anger.