I really wanted to make a Wang Chung thing happen with the title. Then no.

I have 6 versions of this image in Lightroom with varying degrees of tweak. I made a copy of the master image and decided to go opposite of what my normal instincts are when working on a landscape. I like the darkness in this one. I think it makes the clouds stand out more and helps draw out the painterly aspects.

* * *

The threes. Can we talk? The threes suck. Straight up. My sweet girl can turn on me in an instant and flash to boundary testing, insolence and tantrums. Over the slightest thing. I remember some epic battles with Leta about food, sleeping, not interrupting, which movies could be watched when. Three year old Marlo is giving three year old Leta a run. This isn’t meant to sound critical or judgey. Leta had a particular way of moving or not moving when playing. It wasn’t always what one might consider as “normal”. Marlo is closer to a normal kid; climbing, running, getting out of bed during sleeping hours or other non-approved out of bed times, sneaking into the bathroom to play in the water (I’ve got a bath towel permanently on the vanity for such moments) and pushing physical boundaries in ways that Leta didn’t. But damn if she can’t tantrum with the best. And then boom, click done. Back to sweet. I’ve done the Satan ventriloquist thing with her more than I wish. But the law must be laid down. I don’t want to make this call:

“Hello, I’m Jon’s landlord. How can I help you?”

“Hey. Yeeeeeeeah, um. My three year old apparently decided to leave the sink faucet running while I was cooking dinner and I think the bathroom floor is… spongey. I think it’s about to collapse on our downstairs neighbor. Really sorry!”

She’s a good kid. Just being three and evil at times.

* * *

Affirmation: Don’t lose your lips in anger.

  • shananegins

    Oh my, I am there with my almost 3 year old son. Wow. Things can be so intense sometimes I just don’t know how to handle it. Especially in public. I definitely know where you are coming from!

  • Alexa Bucz

    Awesome affirmation – I may need to steal that one… we are almost to the 3’s with my first daughter, and the “baby” (15mo) is showing early signs of 2’s… was told by a lovely much older woman that 3’s and 4’s are worse than 2’s…. Can’t wait!!

  • Sarah R. Bloom

    Three year old girls can be truly awful indeed (four year olds too, hate to tell you). With my only daughter, it was like a switch flipped when she turned 5 and all at once she was a (mostly) rational human being (she’s 16 now, so a little less rational).
    When I was three, by the way, I was with a little friend and we were left alone on the top floor of our house to play. We played with the sink. My father came running upstairs when water started dripping on the ceiling two floors below. I also burned myself bad one time by turning on the hot water without my mom realizing and plugging the sink until it spilled up and over.

  • Brian Hermans

    Three…that’s the Terrible Two’s with a vocabulary. Just you wait until four. Four is evil, just plain evil and a per-cursor for the teenage years!

  • Nina

    Just wait until they hit 13. The threes–a walk in the park in comparison.

  • blurb

    I’m holding my breath for the next 10 months.

    Or maybe just 30 seconds.

    I’m going to have to do some kind of crisis management coursework for the teen years.

  • chernevik

    Is the lips thing a Larry the Cucumber reference? The blog does need more of those.

  • Justine

    I don’t know why they call it the Terrible Twos when the Threes are so much more awful. Four and part of five were trying too with my youngest, who was a tornado of energy and destruction at times. Before picking him up from daycare and preschool, we had to brace ourselves as we never knew what we were gonna hear next.(“He decided to leave and go to another class”, “He threw a truck at someone” “He was mooning people during naptime”) We got through it, although I have a lot more gray hair than I did previously! And I’m happy to report he is a “normal” kid now – no throwing or mooning! 😉

  • andihunter

    I have an almost 3 year old, and now that my oldest three are back to school there is no buffer between us or distraction from each other. Sometimes he IS the Tasmanian Devil and I don’t even want to say what I am. It’s so nice when even one of the older three is home.

  • Jasi Lee

    It’s crazy but true. Both of my children went through the terrible threes. Worse ever than twos. They are demanding, inconsolable, aware of possibilities, completely unaware of limitations and loud as all get-out. But they wake up, quite magically, amazing 4 year-olds, inquisitive and helpful, reasonable and thoughtful. It’s like night and day. Amazing adventure.

  • cnico

    I have heard, altho I can’t speak to this firsthand since my kids are furry, that the young children in Mexico, where I now live, can sit for long periods of time in public gatherings and that they don’t cry or fuss at all. Maybe it’s cultural, genetic or some combination. But friends of mine have remarked upon it. Maybe it’s because there are lots of kids typically and the older kids take care of the younger kids? don’t know, but it’s an interesting cultural observation. Kids are revered down here and of course the family is THE cultural foundation. I find it fascinating to observe the social interactions between adult family members… they are typically best friends, laughing and talking together all day. I often wonder what they have to talk about so much! I will enquire further as to whether 2, 3 and 4 year olds have tantrums down here, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that personally… it may have something to do with US vs Mexican diet as well. Or perhaps exposure to TV? Very curious tho.

  • Wendy Morissette

    i hear ya on the 3s, mine just turned three in late july, and lucky us, we have a nearly 13 yr old too. it’s like having two 3yr olds at times! gah.

    but, the titantic threes seem to be progressing a bit better with this one than the older one at 3. i remember a lot of frustration and screaming, so either this one is easier or it being 10yrs later, we’ve mellowed out. i dunno.

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