War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Unh.

You want anti-war sentiment? You think my writing can stop a god damned thing? It can’t. The man who stole the presidency with help from his daddy’s cronies is a warmonger. It’s a strong gene.

As much as the board has prodded me, it’s hard to muster up feelings when the info structure and the money and the power are being used to feed us a line of bullshit (note the usage of “branding” in terms of Colin Powell’s speech) that extends around the world twice.

Canadian news on today’s UN biz.

Chomsky on rogue states.

Lefty portal. Favorite article: Jimmy freaking Carter.

Blurbomat doesn’t support the president in his assertions or his virtual declaration of war that he provided in the State of the Union. If the U.S. has the intelligence dirt on Iraq, why isn’t it telling the UN and pointing them to the sites it claims to know about?

W’s mind is made up. He will try to clean up his daddy’s mess. He will only create a bigger mess.