Wheels Down

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Wheels Down

Taken upon landing at SLC a few weeks ago. I’ve never been able to get a good landing shot and this was a pleasant surprise. The phone was in airplane mode. All the radios were off.

If you are worried, the FAA is looking into the safety of using portable electronic devices on takeoff and landing when the primary purpose is not to communicate or broadcast.

This story was reported a month ago in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes (with a sweet Alec Baldwin photo), All Things Digital and Bloomberg.

Study away! As long as nobody is talking on their phone, why shouldn’t people be able to listen to music, read or snap photos? Yes, it’s the most dangerous time of the flight, but it’s not like there are wild animals roaming the aisle. It’s grumpy people in a tube with no legroom. I say throw us a bone, FAA and airlines.

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Affirmation: It’s okay to take something to sleep. You look like hell you could use some sleep.