This one is for the boys. Although, I’ve known women who need this from time to time.

Back in the bubble days, I had a sweet PDA hook-up via AvantGo. I’d do a sync, get all my news sources and sites loaded up and then head to the crapper to unload and read.

Then along came AirPort. Taking the iBook into the crapper and settling in for a drop-off didn’t need all that syncing and waiting. The Palm OS was slower than a Commodore 64 loading games off of a cassette. When natured called, the best friend was no longer the PDA or a magazine. It was the laptop all the way. The only problem seems to be that what should take 5-7 minutes (and that’s stretching it) now takes somewhere between 30-45 minutes. Once you hit all the blogs and the tangential links, that numb feeling in your feet screams that it’s time to finish up and join the real world.

Maybe AirPort Extreme will help?