Winter Alive

It’s been wonderful to show Leta new trees and flowers. She and I (she and me?) went on a walk at dusk to look at flowers and it was like I had a new daughter; one that was interested in the outside world instead of books and imagination. We’ll be exploring more and more the next couple of days to soak all this sun up before we go home to the last few weeks of cold and gray.

  • peggy

    Love your photos.

    FYI – It would be She and I. Make it 2 sentences, She went on a walk. I went on a walk. Me went on a walk. See? That last one is just wrong :) And I remembered that from Jr. High!

  • Kristan

    “She and I” is correct. :)

    Very cool photo. And I’m so glad Leta is enjoying the outdoors!


    Yes, “She and I” is right…even though I have a degree in English, I still have to use the trick where you take away the other person to see if it sounds right: “*I* went on a walk…” vs. “*Me* went on a walk”


    Use the pronoun that’s correct when used alone. Me went on a walk at dusk? No. Me not Tarzan.

    Ten years of public school English didn’t teach me this simple method. A friend’s father took just a moment to explain it to me on the way to school one morning, after I used the incorrect pronoun. Prior to that I used the sound it out method, which never worked because I usually heard the incorrect pronoun used by peers.

  • cncampbells

    Glad none of you are violently ill this time around!

    Safe travels.

  • myfeetareafraid

    If you’re ever wondering, just take the other person out of the sentence: Me went for a walk or I went for a walk. It becomes pretty easy to figure out which one is correct that way. :)

  • brionnaj

    Thanks for keeping the “She and I” “She and Me” discussion going.

    Although they have a point about Obama using that incorrectly, it sure is a huge step up from the Bush-ism’s we were subjected to for so long.

    They had to find something wrong with Barak, and if this is all they’ve got, I’m (or is it ME am) ok with that! =)

  • Sarah

    How about you switch the sentence up completely – you know, just for some good old fun!

    ‘We, myself and that there young daughter of mine, went for a walk”

    Sorry .. I’m from the North .. just wanting to have some fun!

    And, since H closed comments on her last beautiful post, can you just pass on to her how I think she looks amazing at 24 weeks!

    Oh and, maybe you will want to hold back on telling her this, but lets hope the second baby is laid back, otherwise it might be another 5 years for a peaceful vacation like this! (remembering you writing about your vacation from h**l last year…)

  • Caitlin

    (She and I)

    Beautiful colors in this photo–so jealous of your vacation!

  • tracy

    thanks for the English lesson this morning!

    Jon, I think it’s so great that you & Heather take such an interest in Leta. I know, that’s what parents are supposed to do, right? When I was growing up, it’s not that I felt like I was a bother or a nuisance to my parents, but looking back, I don’t get the feeling that they felt I was interesting or fun, you know? I could be totally wrong, and I’d never tell my mother that I feel that way because she’d likely be horrified. But, I feel strongly enough about it that I have made the conscious decision to make sure my baby knows I think she’s a cool little person, and that I don’t just love her because she’s my daughter & I have to.

  • lauracope

    gosh, this is gorgeous. it looks like a painting. i hope you have a coffee table book in the works.

    i can’t wait to hear you both speak @ sxsw interactive. i’m going with my extreme geek (he created firebug and the facebook iphone app), who usually wouldn’t attend a panel on blogging, but i think i send him enough blurbodoocery links to have him interested. :)

    obnoxiousness: it’s you and heather doing the walking, so you’re the subject of the sentence (“I” is the pronoun for subject). conversely, when you’re the object of the sentence — that is, you’re not the one “performing” the action/verb — use “me” (“[The temple] let Heather and me in,” it should’ve read, since the temple is the one granting permission). seriously, i’m taking off my teacher hat now.

  • kim at allconsuming

    She and I – you take away the other person to see if it is correct.

    So glad you guys are having a good break.