Wires Crossed, Lost

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Wires Crossed, Lost

Driving back to Salt Lake City after a half day up north with old friends I caught this view from the passenger seat. It’s not perfect, but if you listen to the first verse of “The Song is Over”, that captures the mood of leaving a changing hometown, only a few familiar sights and an uneasy feeling of decline driving back home to the urban center:

I love the sitar influenced synth sound in the intro and then again at 2:55. It sounds like AM radio and summer; the hope of June before the relentless heat of July and the decline of summer at the end of August that signals the end of warm concrete underfoot at 10pm when you walk your friends out to their car.

It’s late/early. The girls will be awake and amped soon enough. And I’ll love every minute.

* * *

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