Wires Crossed, Lost

Driving back to Salt Lake City after a half day up north with old friends I caught this view from the passenger seat. It’s not perfect, but if you listen to the first verse of “The Song is Over”, that captures the mood of leaving a changing hometown, only a few familiar sights and an uneasy feeling of decline driving back home to the urban center:

I love the sitar influenced synth sound in the intro and then again at 2:55. It sounds like AM radio and summer; the hope of June before the relentless heat of July and the decline of summer at the end of August that signals the end of warm concrete underfoot at 10pm when you walk your friends out to their car.

It’s late/early. The girls will be awake and amped soon enough. And I’ll love every minute.

* * *

Affirmation: I am good.

  • americanrecluse

    You have awesome sunsets. I love that the wires and their poles look so delicate. Dainty, even.

  • Codex 99

    John, you’re just killing me w/ the Who references. Who’s Next (and their next album Quadrophenia) are anthemic rock music at their highest possible level. True story: the first concert I ever went to (as as sophomore in HS) was the Who in Cincinnati in 1979 (Google it if you need to).

    I still think Townsend is the best guitarist of all time.

    Now off to my iTunes library 😉

  • AbolishIgnorance

    Lovely…the picture, the song, the thought about the girls.

    Will you get to catch their Quadrophenia tour? They are my absolute favorite concert of my life.

  • Carrie McKinnon

    “the end of warm concrete underfoot at 10pm when you walk your friends out to their car” …that’s poetry to me!!!

  • Theresa Boisseau

    I just got back from a trip to SoCal. Have you ever been to Laguna Beach and seen Pageant of the Masters? I thought of you while looking at the artists’ exhibits, some oil paintings, some sculpture and lots of photography. If you have never been, you should add it to your list of places to go AND try to enter your photography for exhibit/sale, because your photos, and especially your sunset ones, are awesome.
    Just a thought….

  • Lyn_M

    I love this picture. Beautiful.

  • Elizabeth Norris

    Listening to the lyrics of that beautiful song made me sad. Enjoy your time with the girls. 😉

  • Lisa Pfab

    I love how you described summer above. Priceless. I get that feeling of walking to the community pool hanging out all day listening to the music, and not going home till supper……….yup those were the days of summer.