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This guy is rad. Even without all the color. Rad. The color just amplifies what’s already there. In the shot above, he was getting dusted with yellow. I’m not entirely sure, but I think another photographer from the photowalk was shooting this guy at the same time. If I find the shot(s), I’ll link them. If you were that photographer, let me know and I’ll be happy to link to you and your work. It was awfully hard to see in the gray haze. The colors are super bright, but the resulting haze from the dust is gray. I’ve never been to actual war, so saying it was like a battle is a bit much. I have seen war movies. So shooting these photos felt like a war movie set.

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Daily affirmation: Keep pushing forward. Pushing backward is futile.

  • Beth Rich George

    I’m with you – just

  • Ryan Waddell

    Would have LOVED to be able to shoot this.  Although god, I’d be terribly afraid of all that colourful dust getting into my camera.

    • Keltie Borden

       I keep having the same thought about everyone’s lungs!

  • jenniferdaddio

    I don’t like to use the word epic, because I think it is way too overused, but there is definitely something epic about that first shot.

  • becto

    I love the line “the color just amplifies what’s already there.” 

  • cyndyyates

    Rad is a great word. And it completely describes the dude and the picture!

  • Ann

    So what was all the color? Is it paint? Some sort of powder?  I’ve loved all your shots from this event but just know nothing about it!

  • Tracy A O

    These photos are so amazing! The colors are magnificent, too. I’m curious about the powder…what kind of powder is it? Is it harmful to breathe? Also, did you have to protect your camera with something special while shooting in that dusty environment?

  • Theresa Boisseau

    I need to follow that daily affirmation, too.  I find myself sometimes pushing backwards…

  • Jill

    Check out the Indie movie – Outsourced, then the color will make sense… I think.

     I’m with you on the overspill… sheesh  

  • Suzanne Curtis

    These are truly award worthy!

  • Andrea Bailey

    I’ve wanted to take part in a Holi celebration forever – totally on my life list as something I want to see in India. India’s still on the list, but I am coming to Utah next year for this!

    Your photos are often great, but these are absolutely inspirational, irreverent and so much fun. Thanks for sharing them!

  • Loretta Benedetto Marvel

    These photos are amazing. I love this guy. He is like Woodstock reborn (the festival, not the bird). I just learned last week about The Color Run and I can’t wait until registration opens in NY for the August run!

  • Alison

    You? These photos? Wow.  Impressive, both you and the shot.  And the guy? Great subject but you captured him and it’s your eye that makes the shot. I am enjoying your eye. Such a treat!

  • Lea Bullard

    What gorgeous photos.  These are amazing!  Keep it up, man.