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This is a great post from Kevin Smith. Great post. 

8 years ago, we were broke newlyweds living in Heather’s mom’s basement. 8 years. Loving the work and doing the work is a big part of it and nobody seems to want to see that. Love this post from Kevin Smith. Love it. Polygamously gay marry love it.

S’like folks who start movie websites: they just love movies. Not sure what their end-game’s gonna be, but writing about them & hosting trailers is a start, right? For some, the end-game will be to make a film. For some, just having people read what they have to say about a subject they love is good enough. Regardless, the smart ones will always find a way to earn off it. Because ???once you’ve got a taste for working for yourself, doing what you love doing? You’ll work 10x as hard as any brick-layer or paralegal, but you’ll NEVER feel it, never recognize it.

And let the cranks cat-call from the sidelines; they lack balls of any element, let alone brass.

Case in point: this isn’t a debate at all – this is just advice. It’s subjective, so it can’t be wrong. Yet I’ve seen a Tweet or two from ???cats who wanna debate the advice, criticize it, or mock me for it. They’re the equivalent of the pantomimed losers in the bar Baldwin told ???us about in GLENGARRY…

“Oh yeah. I used to be a salesman. It’s a tough racket.”

Tip your excuse-lubricant & scoff all you want, Slappy; must ???be working out for you.

via: Kottke