Jon Armstrong

credit: Cami Coombs

I’m Jon Armstrong, currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah with my beautiful daughters Leta and Marlo.

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I was born, raised and educated in Utah. After university, I worked as a technologist, designer, art director, and creative manager (corporate for creative director). In early 2006, I cofounded and worked at Blurbodoocery, Inc. as a partner running the business, pitching campaign ideas, developing products and executive producing one of the world’s most read personal sites, On, I share photos, bits and pieces of my life and talk about technology along with some politics from time to time. I’ve never considered myself a writer and I have continued this site as an excuse to keep writing hacking away at writing. Blurbomat is where I play with code, tweak WordPress and wrangle/mangle the fine work of other developers. There is occasionally a product review.

Site History

Blurbomat was registered as a domain in early 1999. I pitched it as a consumer review site to a couple of VCs, but I discovered that epinions had already launched and let the idea go after the VC interest waned. I started blogging here in the spring of 2001.




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