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  • Take These Broken Strings

    "Take these broken strings... and learn to fly again, learn to live so free"

  • Happy Easter!

    The blooms are early this year. It’s strange to see so many trees without any leaves and then others covered…

  • Schlep and Repeat

    Waterlogued abstract.

  • Mostly yellow

  • Defying gravity

  • Autumn is Fragile |

    Autumn Flower

    Is it an autumn flower? Is it not? The answer is not within. Just a photo.

  • Theodore Roosevelt District Court Building, Brooklyn, New York |

    The Great and Powerful

    Crazy Hipstamatic.

  • Humorous switches


    Funny switches.

  • Profile of a man on the street, Brooklyn, New York |

    First Day of Autumn

    Hipstamatic street shot. Working on it, people.

  • Filament 87

  • Dramatic rays of light through dark clouds. Shot using iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic by Jon Armstrong for

    Rays Not Banned

    Hipstamatic. iPhone 5.

  • DUMBO sign


    Old/New construction in DUMBO.

  • Spring in Brooklyn, 2015


  • Old school shot with Hipstamatic

    Old School

    Hipstamatic is still my friend.

  • NFA Graffiti Brooklyn


    I’m taking NFA to mean this.

  • image

    Partly cloudy

  • image

    The best part of living in a four season climate

  • image

    Slowly, Surely

    This photo is not a representation of my soul or my emotional state. I’m actually quite happy and looking forward,…

  • Gold Leaves by Jon Armstrong for

    Gold Leaf Day

  • image