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  • marlo-giant-hat by Jon Armstrong.

    Marlo in a Massive Hat

    Marlo. Giant hat. Dimple. Done.

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    The parade of sunsets continues. With a gentle note about how trying awful three year olds can be.

  • sconce detail by Jon Armstrong.

    Capitol Sconce Detail

    Detail of a wall sconce on the exterior of the Utah State Capitol building.

  • capitol-sconce by Jon Armstrong.

    Capitol Sconce

    A neo-classic revival sconce on a 19th century/early 20th century building. Welcome all conspiracy theorists!

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    Fly Like an Eagle

    The sunsets don't stop. Like, ever. Seems like every day now.

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    I Burn For You

    Burning sunset from my bedroom window.

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    A Paintbrush Across the Sky

    Fiery sunset shot looking west toward the Great Salt Lake. It's no Higgs Boson particle, sure. I'll get over it.

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    Storms Will Come

    High contrast drama clouds. Mother Nature is such a diva sometimes.

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    Chasing the Past

    The majesty of the Ford LTD really takes hold of your lower intestinal tract and pulls. Hard.

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    Gaps & Rips

    Vintage shed constructed with storied lumber in the morning light.

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    Into Your Fire

    Who knew I could find great sunset shots right outside my window? Like, literally right outside.

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    Lake Sunrise

    I finally get a sunrise shot that I like. And a term for photo nerds.

  • firstleaves by Jon Armstrong.

    First Leaves

    Lovely reminder of spring. And the hope of a new day. And the hope that one doesn't get trapped in…

  • now-youre-cooking-with-tractor by Jon Armstrong.

    Deere Grill

    Looks like the green is going to my head. Anybody have a cure for gamma ray problems?

  • farmall by Jon Armstrong.


    Sweet vintage grill design on this Farmall tractor. Sweet. Which means you should see it. No, REALLY see it.

  • surreal-clouds-over-wyoming by Jon Armstrong.

    Surreal Clouds Over Wyoming

    I ruminate about spending money for gear. And: Wyoming has a big sky, too.

  • reddawn by Jon Armstrong.

    Red Dawn

    Apocalyptic hellscape or processed image? YOU DECIDE.

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    Bent Nail Latch

    Morning light is not overrated. Just saying.

  • Twelve

    A street shot of urban-ish decay and a surprising shot of yesterday's eclipse!

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    Another wistful journey to the heart of the American Dream... of boaty vintage cars with sweet badges.