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  • Stuck Between Stations

  • Fire, Industry

    Fire walk with me.

  • Orange Great Salt Lake

    Winter. The Great Salt Lake.

  • Manhattan Bridge at Sunset

    That sky gradient...

  • Sunset Frost

    Not sure if I should have worried about that weird hole and ice formation. But it was kind of cool.

  • Brooklyn Bridge on left, East River all over

    Bridge to Everywhere

  • One of the last, best shots from my former residence in Salt Lake City.

    On Fire

    June, 2014. Amazing sunset over Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Stained glass reflected in a camera lens |

    Photo Decathlon: The final 24 hours

    The final day of the Photography Decathlon. It wasn't as bad as the first day, but it was still a…

  • Jon Armstrong Photography | Looking from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Sunset Across Lower Manhattan, September, 2015. Pentax 645.

    Sunset in Lowest Manhattan

  • Salt Lake City sunset with the barely visible Salt Lake International Airporrt control tower and ascending jet in the background. |

    Hope at the End

    The last rays of a day from a year ago.

  • Orange sunset clouds stretch for miles over Salt Lake City. | Jon Armstrong for

    Orange Clouds

    Orange. And dramatic.

  • Analog Efex Pro 2 helped created this faded view of midtown Manhattan.

    Pointy Heads and Flattops

    I'm always hopeful for spring.

  • A tree stubbornly holds on to its leaves as the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, November, 2014. By Jon Armstrong for

    Tenacious Tree

    The tree absolutely refuses to let the leaves drop.

  • Sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, October, 2014.

    Autumn Sunset, Cue Fanfare

    Sunset with Antelope Island in the distance.

  • Sunset behind the Great Salt Lake, with the Salt Lake International Airport control tower in the lower right.

    Winter Sunset, Charcoal Clouds

    Winter sunset over Utah.

  • Magic hour(s) in the Faroe Islands.

    Driving in to Torshavn, Faroe Islands

    A few photos from the first day of my Faroe Islands trip.

  • July 4th, 2014, Brooklyn Bridge right before the fireworks begin by Jon Armstrong for

    Right Before the Fireworks Begin

    Another shot of the Brooklyn Bridge on July 4, 2014. Yes, another shot.

  • Blue Hour Starting by Jon Armstrong for - vivid HDR sunset shot looking toward the Great Salt Lake,

    Blue Hour Starting

    HDR at last. At long last. Or just another pretty sunset. Let's just forget about the HDR part.

  • Initial Ascent by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Initial Ascent

    I’ve had to resort to taking sunset shots from my girls’ bedroom window. My former prime spot out my window…

  • Letting the Sun Go Down by Jon Armstrong for

    Letting the Sun Go Down

    Not quite to the place where the sun sets and the bushy tree is out of frame.