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Faroe Islands: Fuglafjørður, Vidareidi and Klaksvík

On Friday, we spent time driving to Fuglafjørður for a morning tour and then lunch at Jennifer Henke’s. Jennifer was the lone woman on the tour and she held her own in a spectacular fashion. Her story is fascinating and she has spent a lot of time in the Faroe...

Faroe Islands, Sea of Fog

This was shot heading back to Tórshavn from Gjógv. Watching the fog on the Faroe Islands could easily become a hobby. I remember a few nights in San Francisco seeing the fog come over the ridge and pour down into the city like a giant was pouring dry ice over the...

Faroe Islands, Kirkjugøta

Unedited iphone shot near Kirkjugøta. Between jet lag and real life, I haven’t skimmed or edited the remainder of Faroe Islands images. There are a lot of them to work through. As in thousands. Many are bracketed, so divide by 5. And there are still have...

Faroe Islands, Sandavágur, Witch’s Finger

Getting out to see this formation was an audible called by Matt, our tour guide. He said that given the weather forecast, we should head over to Vagar island and maybe the clouds would lift enough to see Trollkonufingur (translation: Witch’s Finger). So glad we...

Faroe Islands Day Two: Kvívík & Vestmanna

[Note: There are a lot of images in this post. Be patient with the page load speed and accept our apologies if the page takes awhile to load.] We set out early for Vestmanna to take a boat tour along cliffs where birds nest. Thousands of birds. A couple of people on...

Elephant Rock, Faroe Islands

On Thursday (July 10), we took a boat tour to the Bird Cliffs. Birds, particularly Atlantic Puffins, are ridiculously difficult to capture. I’ve got a few frames that might make the cut to share, but in the meantime, enjoy Elephant Rock, a massive formation...


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