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Faroe Islands: Fuglafjørður, Vidareidi and Klaksvík

On Friday, we spent time driving to Fuglafjørður for a morning tour and then lunch at Jennifer Henke’s. Jennifer was the lone woman on the tour and she held her own in a spectacular fashion. Her story is fascinating and she has spent a lot of time in the Faroe...

Faroe Islands, Sea of Fog

This was shot heading back to Tórshavn from Gjógv. Watching the fog on the Faroe Islands could easily become a hobby. I remember a few nights in San Francisco seeing the fog come over the ridge and pour down into the city like a giant was pouring dry ice over the...

Faroe Islands, Kirkjugøta

Unedited iphone shot near Kirkjugøta. Between jet lag and real life, I haven’t skimmed or edited the remainder of Faroe Islands images. There are a lot of them to work through. As in thousands. Many are bracketed, so divide by 5. And there are still thousands of...


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