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  • Link: Just Admit It, Part Three — Medium

    Spot on series from Dave Pell on Medium

  • Link: Ellen Pao Disrupts How Silicon Valley Does Business –

    Great piece in the NYTimes last week about the Ellen Pao case against Kleiner Perkins. I’m dubious that it will…

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    Parents: You’re all doing it wrong.

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    Art / Culture Provocation via Kickstarter

    Earlier this year I joined Kickstarter (finally) for this project: NeoLucida – A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century that was linked in this Boing Boing post. The project founders, Golan Levin and Pablo Garcia, are not trying to become manufacturers or a startup company. They are trying to hack education culture. This becomes clear around 11:00 in the above video when they discuss the idea of product as provocation in order to re-imagine commerce and education. Fascinating for me because the project touches all the things I’m into: technology, art, art archeology, art history, debunking myths and commerce through an online outlet.

    The product demo starts around 17:30. After watching the live demo, I can’t wait to play. What I’m really excited about is letting my girls use it to draw. They both love to do art projects, but I often hear an expression I know so well about lack of ability and then the abandonment of whatever project they are working on. I used to feel the same way. School projects are completed, but the supposedly more fun home projects just stop when a certain point is hit. I don’t think the NeoLucida will be a cure-all, but it might be something they love and something we can do together. I don’t think Marlo will sit still for a portrait, so that may require bribery.

    Drawing is one of those things I have always wished I’d have worked harder to get better. Around the time in my life that I’d have had the solid blocks of time, I changed majors and realized that computers were taking over design studios and agencies. I think back to March, 1984, when I walked into a computer shop near my home town and played with the first Macintosh. The ability of the machine to do precise lines and forms, including type, was almost too much to bear. My head was swimming with possibilities in 1984 even though I wouldn’t own a Mac until 5 years later. I don’t blame computers. I just wish I’d spent more time back then with a sketchbook instead of a mouse.

    I loved doing ink drawings, but I was always too messy with ink. When I discovered Ralph Steadman’s Scanlan’s and Rolling Stone work, I gained some hope, but my design courses required a finer hand than I had developed and the Mac’s siren song was too powerful. Besides, there was already a Ralph Steadman and he could actually draw.

    I’m hopeful the NeoLucida will be something to encourage more natural expression using purely analog instruments, away from a digital machine. And I hope it will keep me and the girls away from Candy Crush, the most evil game ever invented.

    Postscript: The complete Kickstarter project video is worth watching:

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    NSFW Archive: Henry Rollins from a few years ago about selling out.

    There is grown-up language in this video, so you may want to be careful where and when you view it.

    I have always had the urge to just give Henry Rollins a hug.

    Found via Braiker’s tumblr.

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    Just the Gay You Are

    Atheists at the Salt Lake City LGBT Pride March/Parade share the love. In a rainbow cape. Fabulous.

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    X on Letterman in 1983

    Video from Late Night with David Letterman from 1983 featuring a brief interview with X before they rip out their…

  • Bronies. What?

    Learning is good. Friendship is magic.

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    Another wistful journey to the heart of the American Dream... of boaty vintage cars with sweet badges.

  • So this happened.

    So close. And yet...

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  • Fun in Media

    Via: this post on Gawker. Fox producer getting the crowd hyped for a news reporter. Way to make news! Nice!

  • Read This. RIGHT NOW.

    My 1933 Nightmare (Via Rod on my facebook. Thanks Rod!) Best bits: “But what seems to me new about this…

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    I am completely beat after three days of listening to great music, walking slash running to band after band to…

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    No prom for this young lady. This is the best video I’ve seen on the internet in many days. Hey,…

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  • SxSW: Media Attack

    Bad video: A bunch of point-and-shoot party shots: If anybody pictured wants their photo removed, let me know: djblurb …

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