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  • Millenium Falcon by Christopher Clark

    Rey (and other works)

    Amazing art inspired by Star Wars: the Force Awakens: by Christopher Clark Source: Rey This is kind of freaky. I…

  • Link: How to Crush it at Disneyland

    Lex gives some great tips on making the most of a family Disneyland trip.

  • Link: Cuba on the Edge of Change

    Gorgeous and haunting photo essay from the New York Times.

  • Link: Curbed on Chorus, or CMS nerd porn

    Sure the Chorus CMS is awesome. And that’s great. Really it is. And yay, faster loading, sexy Curbed! One of my…

  • Link: The man who made ‘the worst video game in history’

    I’m not sure E.T. is the worst game ever, but its story is amazing. This is a piece featuring the…

  • Link: Why Sketch Is the UI Designer’s Best Friend.

      Couldn’t agree more with the points in this post from Michael Todd on Medium. Here’s how and why I…

  • Link: This is about the time I chose not to die.

    Really powerful story about depression from Mike Monteiro on Medium. I’ve waited two years to write this story. Source: This…

  • Link: iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel

    Legalese like you've never seen before.

  • Link: Recruiting a Designer? Here’s What You Should Know

    Excellent breakdown of the changing subsets of what designers might do in the tech space: Design is a rather broad…

  • Volkswagen lying about emissions

    Link: Volkswagen’s Cheating Scandal Is Costing Them – $18 Billion USD

    This is major, major, major corporate shenanigans: Late last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered Volkswagen to recall nearly…

  • Link: Peace, an ad-blocking app for iOS

    With the advent of the latest iOS (9.0), content blocking is now allowed on the platform. Which means ad and…

  • MacStories iOS 9 review

    Link: iOS 9: The MacStories Review

    There's a lot of words here. A very lot of words.

  • Link: Five years, building a culture, and handing it off.

    Excellent piece from @kellan on Medium about software development and team management.

  • Color Hunt screenshot

    Color Hunt

    Curated collection of beautiful colors, updated daily. Source: Color Hunt

  • WordPress Visual Template Guide

    Link: The WordPress Template Hierarchy – a visualization resource

    This is a great resource for beginners and pros.

  • front-loaded by Jon Armstrong.

    Link: Here’s What You Can Do With Your Useless Liberal Arts Degree — Medium

    Great insider piece about someone you know being covered by the mediascape.

  • Link: Just Admit It, Part Three — Medium

    Spot on series from Dave Pell on Medium

  • Link: Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic

    The toy company wants to find an alternative material for the 60 billion bricks it makes a year. But it’s…

  • Link: Facebook’s facial recognition means privacy loss in social media age – Fortune

    What a bad week for privacy. Consumer watchdogs gave up on government talks over facial recognition software after industry groups…

  • Link: Why Web Design is Dead | UX Magazine

    This switch from web design to experience design is directly caused by the shift from web pages to digital products,…