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  • An image of a tilted street sign which reads Keep Left taken at dusk, with a hint of bokeh, by Jon Armstrong.

    Keep Left

    Street sign accompanied by a very short paragraph reviewing the U.S. Presidential debate last night.

  • Bang The Drum by Jon Armstrong. Close up image of a large concert bass drum, deteriorating and neglected.

    Bang The Drum

    Middle aged man sneaks into his former high school with a couple of buddies. Maudlin ensues.

  • old-new by Jon Armstrong.

    High Contrast

    Salt Lake Library buildings past and present.

  • double-juice by Jon Armstrong.

    Double Juiced

    Tired, allergy-ridden and migrained to bejesus. No excuse, just saying.

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    Wires Crossed, Lost

    Surprise! Another sunset. This one from the road. The open road. Does open road mean something beyond this road is…

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    Private Property

    The San Francisco Bay Bridge, Swim Herschel Swim and something or other around memories.

  • Nels Cline of Wilco at Red Butte

    Nels Cline with Wilco at Red Butte

    A guitar god, great solos on sad songs and wrangling with the lying opera of memory.

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    More Millcreek Canyon trees. I also briefly mention projects. Because I'm busy, people.

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    Trailside General Store

    Sad state of affairs for this boarded up convenience store from my youth.

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    The stage shown in this image is where my first rock band gig. We played on the 4th of July.

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    Not So Quaking Aspen

    Aspens in scenic Millcreek Canyon east of Salt Lake City. It was a hot, but great day despite the two…

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    Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

    Wherein I get very very very lucky and also busted. Remind me about photo/media passes next time.

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    10 Seconds Over the Great Salt Lake

    Blue hour living. Seriously, look into it. Totally living in the blue hour right now. Well, not literally.

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    Stucco Classic

    Relief sculpture from a Treasure Island building.

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    Bliss Dance

    Treausre Island lady sculpture is tall. Literally. 40 Foot Woman tall.

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    A weirdly vacant lot and soundstage on Treasure Island.

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    A super wide angle shot looking to San Francisco from Treasure Island.

  • Still Gray Lady by Jon Armstrong.

    Still Gray Lady

    1200 words about a god damn bridge. And I'm not even talking about the Golden Gate or Brooklyn Bridge!

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    “Blue is the Color of My Tears”

    Memories. Grief. Architecture. The color blue.

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    Tower Vertebrae

    Snapseed to the rescue! Fun times taking a massive RAW file from a Canon 5D Mark II from Lightroom into…