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  • Imperfect Glass

    Philadelphia skyscraper reflection; vintage and contemporary architecture...

  • Moody Rays

    Some people call these "God rays". I just call them "Shards of Sepulchral Light and Also Possibly Truth".

  • One light on

    1) Carry a camera always; 2) Get up early

  • Fire, Industry

    Fire walk with me.

  • Orange Great Salt Lake

    Winter. The Great Salt Lake.

  • Grainy & Gray

  • One of the last, best shots from my former residence in Salt Lake City.

    On Fire

    June, 2014. Amazing sunset over Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Salt Lake City sunset with the barely visible Salt Lake International Airporrt control tower and ascending jet in the background. |

    Hope at the End

    The last rays of a day from a year ago.

  • Orange sunset clouds stretch for miles over Salt Lake City. | Jon Armstrong for

    Orange Clouds

    Orange. And dramatic.

  • Dramatic rays of light through dark clouds. Shot using iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic by Jon Armstrong for

    Rays Not Banned

    Hipstamatic. iPhone 5.

  • Cotton Candy Clouds

    I could eat these clouds

    I could eat the clouds... as long as they were made of cotton candy.

  • Processed with VSCOcam with p3 preset

    Just After Sunrise

  • Landing at the Front Edge of the Storm

    Stormy Descent

    Scary landing, cool photo.

  • Parking Lights by Jon Armstrong for

    Dark Sky, Morning Lights

    The clouds look so fake in this. But they are real. And spectacular.

  • Start Me Up

    Sunrise from 2012. The past can be good.

  • A waterfall that falls iinto the North Atlantic Ocean at Gásadalur, Faroe Islands. by Jon Armstrong for

    Faroe Islands, Waterfalls

    The Faroe Islands have waterfalls. Just in case you didn't know that information.

  • Saksun, Faroe Islands -

    Faroe Islands, First Day: Saksun

    After lunch on the first day, we drove a lot. These photos are from one of the stops, at Saksun…

  • Mountain Rain, a dark image of a mountain town with storm clouds over head. Image by Jon Armstrong for

    Mountain Rain

    It's a dark one today. Still, there is light. You should click in on this one.

  • Blue Hour Starting by Jon Armstrong for - vivid HDR sunset shot looking toward the Great Salt Lake,

    Blue Hour Starting

    HDR at last. At long last. Or just another pretty sunset. Let's just forget about the HDR part.

  • Initial Ascent by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Initial Ascent

    I’ve had to resort to taking sunset shots from my girls’ bedroom window. My former prime spot out my window…