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Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

This formation is called Angel’s Landing. The peak of this formation is 1,488 feet above the valley floor with an altitude of 5,790 feet above sea level. It’s absolutely insane that you can hike to the top of this. Insane. To show scale, I’ve annotated the trail carved out of the rock:

Zion National Park - Angel's Landing trail

I’ve annotated actual humans here:

Angel's Landing Summit, Zion National Park

There have been 6 fatalities on this hike since 2004. You can see why here. My hat is doffed to the person who took that shot. There are far too many spots where the “trail” is maybe 36 inches (or less) wide and fatal drops on either side.

Note: I hiked to the top of this formation with my brother-in-law. I survived. This trip marked the fourth time in my life I’ve been to the top.

  • Nissan Green

    That is an accomplishment, I hiked angels landing in high school, I don’t know if I
    could do it now…man I miss those red rocks!

  • Diane Sherman

    Wow.. impressive! Was it recently that you hiked up to the top again? I can only imagine how invigorating that must feel once you’re at the top.. not sure if I could look down. You’re a brave and inspiring man, Jon Armstrong!

  • Momo Fali

    I’m afraid to click that link for fear that my knees will give out right here and now.

  • Maria Elliot

    from someone who’ll get dizzy just by looking upwards onto that peak, well done!!! (I’m new here – Hello, Jon! I think you are my hero, and not only because you seem to be just a great hiker/climber)

  • americanrecluse

    It took me forever to read this post because I couldn’t stop looking at the main photo. So beautiful and magical. I envy you your hike, although the wiki photo you linked to made me go “aiiieeeee!”

  • Sheri Guyse


  • Josh Ames

    Just plain scary!

  • la_florecita

    Looking at that wiki image made me feel light-headed all over again. Aside from the ability to say “I did that,” my main motivation to finish the hike was so I could tell people that I did it before the National Park Service sobered up and closed that shit off.

    • blurb

      It was so crowded the day I went up. That was almost as scary as the hike up.

  • Christa

    Nice shot. I hiked Angel’s Landing in 2011. My boyfriend (at the time) was too scared to go beyond Scout’s Lookout, so I went up without him. He was utterly convinced that I would dump him for not being brave enough. Nah….we married less than a year later. He says he’ll do Angel’s Landing with me (one day!).

  • Mindy Williams

    Living in Las Vegas, Zion is a frequent getaway. That is a breathtaking photograph.

    Hiking Angel’s Landing is not for the faint of heart, but it one of the most satisfying hikes I’ve ever done. I’ve had the pleasure of hiking it many times. My 14 year old son is ready to tackle it, and I’m really looking forward to hiking it with him. That’s going to be quite a mountain top experience!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Pixelfish

    I’ve always wanted to hike it, but now that I have the occasional vertigo attack, dunno how wise that seems. (Also I’d want to do it on off hours. Trying to navigate that with people coming and going seems iffy.)

    I have excellent memories of the Emerald Pools and the Narrows.

  • Jen Ross

    Wow. Such a dangerous mountain would not be permitted in Canada!!

  • silentgoddess


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