Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

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Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

This formation is called Angel’s Landing. The peak of this formation is 1,488 feet above the valley floor with an altitude of 5,790 feet above sea level. It’s absolutely insane that you can hike to the top of this. Insane. To show scale, I’ve annotated the trail carved out of the rock:

Zion National Park - Angel's Landing trail

I’ve annotated actual humans here:

Angel's Landing Summit, Zion National Park

There have been 6 fatalities on this hike since 2004. You can see why here. My hat is doffed to the person who took that shot. There are far too many spots where the “trail” is maybe 36 inches (or less) wide and fatal drops on either side.

Note: I hiked to the top of this formation with my brother-in-law. I survived. This trip marked the fourth time in my life I’ve been to the top.

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