Balanced Rock at Sunset

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Balanced Rock at Sunset

The sun set was far darker than I show here. I thought this image would be a silhouette shot, but once I pushed the exposure, I was surprised at the detail in the rocks. I shot this at ISO 640, which was far too low. I probably could have pushed it to 3200 or 6400 and been ok. If you look closely, you can see artifacts of the work around the outline of Balanced Rock.

Here’s a map:

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This map is inaccurate. The label is on the wrong formation. I’ve centered the map image on Balanced Rock. I’ll be submitting a bug report to Google. A few more of these and I’ll have to do a post about how Google is losing its supremacy in mapping. Kind of like the post I didn’t write called “Apple Maps: A Total Disaster” or “Apple Maps: Not What Steve Would Have Done”.


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Affirmation: I will get through this. Alive.