Bare Tree Desert Edition

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Bare Tree Desert Edition

Over the weekend I met up with Scott Jarvie in Moab, Utah to learn how to shoot night shots and assist him. It got cold at night, but the work is pretty cool. You can see one of his shots here. There were four of us total, one person working the shutter release and lighting the foreground using various techniques and the other three spread out around the scene with lights of varying power to light scenes while the long exposures were made. In the linked image, I was the furthest down the road and had no idea what my results looked like until I met back up with the other three and got to look at the back of the camera.

I didn’t get any usable night shots and I’m fine with that. I wanted to help out and learn new techniques. I had some free time on Sunday, so I shot a bunch inside Arches National Park. I hadn’t been inside of Arches for 11.5 years.

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