Crane Building

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Crane Building

Rolled up and stopped at a light. Grabbed the camera. Got three shots and this was the best. I was able to copy the healing brush points from yesterday’s image and apply them to this one with only minimal tweakage. Thank Adobe for the Copy Develop Settings menu item.

I’m loving having the camera with me most of the time and being out and about, but the time suck is killing me. I need more than small chunks of time to get things done. Getting back into shooting more regularly has recharged me and helped me enjoy photography again. Ending the negative inner monologue has also been a huge help.

I’m trying to embrace a larger palette and a larger range. I have such a fondness for the cross-processed palette of greens, blues and yellows that I’m forcing myself to break out a little bit. That said, I’ve got photos in the pipeline that will go against what I just said, so caveat emptor.

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