Small town parade on the 4th of July. This image, intentionally taken at child eye level, contains what every summer parade featured: dignitaries in sweet cars. And salt water taffy. A lot of it.

* * *

My trip to Colorado with Leta was fantastic. I’ve got another one coming up with both of the girls and while it will be vacation for them, I know that it won’t be for me. Just like every parent, vacation with young children is no vacation. Despite that, I’ll try to make it a trip full of memories, sun and hope. This will be the first 2+ hour car trip with just the girls and me. I’m starting to plan each 15 minute segment. Leta won’t be a problem. It’s Marlo. I’m not saying that Marlo will be a problem per se. She’s just a wildcard. Marlo hasn’t had the same car training that Leta had at three years old. However, Leta can keep her company. Right?

* * *

Affirmation: It’s always going to feel weird.