Elegant Downspout

As I was shooting this, someone walked by and said, “Oh, that is nice.”

And as downspouts go, I concur.

  • Kristan

    Awesome shot! And you know, I’m so glad someone walking by said that to you, because hey, isn’t that what it’s all about? Making people notice the beauty in the everyday? You got to hear it directly, instead of via the web. That’s so cool. :)

  • cbabs

    Was this back in New Orleans or SLC?

    • blurb

      If you look at the “Tags” section, I usually tag a city location when it’s not SLC. Which I should probably start tagging as well.

      So, to answer your question, New Orleans.

  • cbabs

    Oh, right. I’ll keep that in mind. Thought it was New Orleans because that pipe looks, y’know, Frenchy. lol

  • minxlj

    I love finding things like that! There are a lot of Victorian and older drainpipes (as we call them) here in Britain, and it makes a lovely change from the modern day UPVC plastic ones! If the older pipes aren’t ornate, the clips holding them to the wall usually are – it makes for some nice architectural interest that too many people pass on by.

    Nice shot – tempting me to want to visit New Orleans, btw!