Google Buys Nik Software

Google Buys Nik Software

iPhone screenshot of Snapseed I can’t believe this news. Google has purchased Nik Software, the company who developed Snapseed, one of my favorite apps for iPhone and iPad (examples here). On one hand, it’s a great defensive acquisition for Google. Even if you don’t go crazy with the filters, there is a lot of power in Snapseed. Good for Google. On the other hand, I’m worried about the future of the higher end standalone apps & plugins. I am loving Viveza 2.

This quote from the below linked story is what has me worried:

Google seems most interested in Nik’s mobile and online tools and how they can improve Google Plus. Google declined to say whether or when it would discontinue any of Nik’s other products, like desktop software for professional photographers.

I’m hoping Snapseed will stay as a standalone app, but I’m not holding my breath. Still, it will be interesting to see what Google does with the staff and the technology.

From Google Buys Nik to Lure Photographers to Google Plus –

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Nik Software is a company that’s been around for 17 years and I think that’s part of the surprise as well. You usually only hear about acquisitions of hot, sexy young companies. Here’s the announcement from Nik Software.