iPhone App Explosion: February 2008

Mac Rumors: Steve Jobs Announces 3rd Party SDK for iPhone for February 2008

Ok, maybe not an explosion, but this is good news for people who want their iPhone to trim their toenails and stun attackers. Not sure if the liquid butter add-on will work out of the box, but I’m hoping for buttery toast in March 2008.

Such good news.

  • Brian Brewer

    Wow, that didn’t take much…


  • Pete Dunn

    This is better than good news. Now maybe someone will come up with a solution for Exchange calendar pushing so my boss will stop bitching at me about it.

  • jon deal

    Since I am currently a slave to Sprint and a hated Blackberry +2 Device of Loathing, I’m more excited for the little P.S. about the iPod touch being included in the 3rd Party Apps love-fest.

    And you can be sure that Apple is already hard at work on an iPhone Taser.

  • dhgatsby

    Yes, this is exciting. And it’s not even a rumor anymore.

    Speaking of add-ons, you might like this
    we received one today in our agency as a promo for a gift guide. if you could only hold the box and read every side, you would go into hysterics.

  • Anna

    Good News! Wish it had happened BEFORE I upgraded then downgraded to get all my 3rd party apps back. But knowing that in the future I’ll be able to upgrade my phone again is promising.

    And ewww. Nobody needs tonail clippers in Starbucks! *shudder*

  • creative-type dad

    This is good news.

    Now I hope somebody develops some app that keeps my tea warm.

  • southerngirl

    Told ya Apple would come through. ; 0

    Here’s the NYT article about it:

  • michael

    Dang it, now I’m going to have to drop $400 for a phone and re-up with AT&T. I’m a glass half full kinda guy right now.

  • Janet

    Sending hugs to you both.

  • Staci


    Wanted to send hugs to both of you, know this has to be so hard. Hope all is well soon and you guys can move forward.

  • nate

    I’m holding off on buying an iPhone until someone gets the shaving attachment and sideburns functionality working.

  • Carmi

    All this iPhone mania makes me wish it were available here in the Great White North. But it isn’t, so we continue to content ourselves with refurbished Sony Walkmans and those big analog brick Motorola phones that uber geeks used to hang from their reinforced belts with sections of anodized chain link.

    The technology in Canada may be old, and we may still be getting hosed on pricing for airtime and such. But it works really well when you’re out cruising the tundra on a dogsled along with a red-suited Mountie and a stack of beaver pelts.

    Good times.

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