It’s come to this.


A brother has to represent when faced with an affront of this kind.

  • 72feetabovesealevel
  • blurb

    72feet, if you’ll look in my center column, just to the right, I’ve linked to that story since before I had the emergency and needed to shoot the image of Chuck in clogs.

    Now, we need to talk about clogs, people. CLOGS.

  • s gazzetti

    While the clogs are definitely an improvement over the pink slingbacks, this is just so wrong on so many levels. And may be my favorite Chuck-humiliation photo yet.

  • leahpeah

    Oh, SNAP!

  • J

    Thats awesome!

  • femke

    You could’ve at least found him four matching shoes…

  • KristieD

    i love your dog. he puts up with so much, but always looks to happy to oblige. 😉 even tho i am not a fan of crocs, the dog looks better in those than in heather’s!

  • Teeny225

    Nah, I prefer the pink slingbacks – much more Chuck’s colour!!

  • theOlster

    Man I need to get me some clogs, too cool.

  • Wicked H

    The Former Congressman is representing his constituants, male and female.

    When will we see the display of children’s shoes?

  • Z

    I’m always curious how you all get him to stay still in these poses, I’m assuming he is gazing at some treat or reward of some sort.

    Which did he prefer, clogs or heels?

  • Jagosaurus

    I’m guessing Chuck prefers the clogs. I love the strappy sandals as much as the next gal but they impede walking. Clogs rule. Way to go Jon!

  • Darlin’

    hahahahahaha oh that is funny. chuck is just so damn patient whenever there is a treat involved. are you sure that dog isn’t part furniture? i’ve never met a dog that would stand for wearing clogs or letting someone put a beer on his head. he’s like a wegman dog- throw a wig on him, paint him gray and you’ve got a sesame street dog.

  • Russweasel

    I’m seeing an awful path of brinksmanship and escalation here. First shoes, then shoes and a cute outfit, next accessories, followed by a full ensemble with a demure application of cosmetics. All interspersed with attempts at macho compensation.

    Give up now, Jon. When it comes to weird anthropomorhic humiliation of other species, women have a far greater arsenal at their disposal.

  • napangel

    You two crack me up. That poor, poor dog … stuck in the middle of you two whackos!! :)

  • jolie

    I’m down on my knees right now, praying and praying that leta is fetching her elmo slippers and is planning to trump you both.

  • Jezzie

    Its a tie who has skinnier ankles in those clogs, you or Chuck.hahahaa

  • jenjennyjennifer

    Whenever my husband and I look at the pictures of what you can get Chuck to do my husband always has the same response, “that dog is really just dead and they’ve stuffed him because that’s the only way a dog would sit still for that.” My dog is spastic, she won’t sit still for two seconds let alone a period of time for me to get some shoes on her,,, and damn, I have some nice shoes!

  • tk

    Oh this is getting good…. I can hardly wait to see what’s next. I’m always amazed when I look at those photos, wondering how you get Chuck to stay still long enough in the humiliating garb to get photos. I’m guessing a strip of bacon hovering just outside the view of the camera…


  • Eight Hour Lunch

    AWESOME!!! Do you take requests? I’d like to see him in heels next. Heel, boy, heel! (Sorry).

  • Eight Hour Lunch

    Then again, if I’d read the whole damn post, I wouldn’t ask stupid things like that. Bad Doug, Bad Doug!

  • Tiggerlane

    Damn. Now I can’t decide if Chuck is the “ultimate dog drag queen” or “uber-dyke.”

    If still had balls, this look would classify as “rugged.”

    Gotta go with Heather on this – these shoes SO don’t match his lipstick tube.

  • Jennifer in Kansas City

    Well, he looks discerning and fashionable. AND, lest we forget the most important part: comfortable. All befitting his status as the former senator!

  • Michelle~in~Memphis….ugh

    Comfy in the back, trendy in the front, just like I like it.

  • Hemlock

    Oh Chuck, how did you ever get yourself into this situation?

    More importantly… how are you going to get yourself OUT of this situation?

  • Hemlock

    PS if you squint, clogs and dogs look like the same word.

    Just thought I would share.

  • napangel

    Hemlock: Your eyes are better than mine … I don’t even need to squint!

  • Varla

    I don’t know, I think Chuck swings both ways.

    That photo made me pee a little.

  • mediaguy74

    Too funny. Does Chuck actually like dress up time? I am sure Leta cant wait to put him in a few outfits. Ah to hear what Chuck is thinking when you dress him up. Does he have a favorite outfit?

  • Velma

    Oooooooh!!! Oooooohhh! Mr. Kotter!

    If this is gonna escalate over the weekend, can I put in my vote for neckwear to be featured in the next round?

  • monkey

    That is awesome. I can’t believe how patient Chuck is to pose like that.

  • Kristine

    Oh dear lord. *shaking head*

    I would KILL to be able to have my dog be able to do this, so when the cops knock at the door because my neighbor called because she backed 3 and half times at 9:30 am and it was annoying him.

    Oh the look on the cops face would be be priceless.

  • brandy

    Are those Crocs?
    You better watch out next thing you know he’ll be listening to the Greatful Dead, burning patcholi incense and telling you he doesnt know who ate all the cookies.

    Its not a far leap from clogs to munchies.
    (this is not a slam, I heart clogs and the munchies.)

  • Jerri Ann

    At least you know the shoes can stay, Heather would never throw the dog out! bhahaha

  • butterfrei

    Lest anyone think Crocs are not the height of cool such as chuck, even the shoe gods at Nordstrom think they are cool enough for the homepage.

  • Dave’ola

    I’ve got to admit that this picture of yours brought a smile to my face, now that I’m in process of figuring out what kind of dog to adopt. It’s hard to beat my last one of 18 years, so it’s been a struggle. But I *like* that kind of dog… now I just have to figure out what breed it is (everyone else probably knows; I, however, am clueless about such things 😉

  • la_florecita

    Tiggerlane: “lipstick tube” . . . oh my God. Took me a few seconds to work that one out. My life may not be the same.

    I also want to see Chuck in Elmo slippers and Leta-size clogs!!

  • cineluster

    you guys are too funny.
    good thing chuck is a patient dog, with an even greter sense of humor.

    ps. what kinda dog is he? He’s very muscular and compact like one of them racing dogs, but cuter. I’d like a chuck… : B

  • Chris Adams

    Nice, I like it! Resist against the woman!

  • lost in ohio

    Hello I have never been here before, but often go to dooce. I have always thought your dog is so understsnding of ANYTHING you guys do. I have a boxer that is pretty much the same way. I love the pix. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Pioneer Woman

    Dang, this is cute. And he’s so clean, unlike my stinky, polluted country dogs. They eat dead cattle and go swimming in the dump. I want to live with you.

  • CartwheelsAtMidnight

    Chuck likes the clogs better. It’s hard to chase squirrels in pink heels.

  • jcheatwood

    What a wonderful dog! He doesn’t seem to mind playing dress up for the sake of a photo on his “dad” or “mom’s” website. Of course, on the other hand, you just know when you read those stories of a good dog that seemingly for no reason goes beserk and attacks its owner that there’s a side to the story you just haven’t heard.

  • Jane

    There was an article on Crocs in the Newspaper yesterday – apparently they’re the Big New Thing here in Oz. Nice to see Chuck’s keeping abreast of fashion ;o)

  • bookworm

    Until these last few posts about clogs, I’ve never noticed anyone wearing them. Now everywhere I go it’s CLOGS and more CLOGS! At the store, on tv, at work…
    Now I have to go buy me a pair!

    Chuck is great, and the clogs are much better than the heels (sorry dooce).

  • Goooder

    you guys can really get chuck to do just about anything. my cat certainly will not.