Letting the Skeletons Out of the Closet

While surfing lefty sites I found these gems from this post on Crooks and Liars. Big ups to my progressive brothers and sisters over there.

The version of “Kid Charlemagne” below doesn’t have the Larry Carlton solo and the arrangement is a little jacked from the original, but it shows some musicianship and tightness:

Also, check out this coked-up vintage live performance from the 70s:

I believe that is Jeff “Skunk” Baxter on bass guitar who also played with the Doobie Brothers. Dig on the hair. Indie newbies wish they could have hair like that.

While undoubtedly there are better clips out there, these two songs are among my favorites from these guys. “Reelin in the Years” from my childhood (my older sibs were into them) and “Kid Charlemagne” from when they released A Decade of Steely Dan in the 80s. I dedicate this to every man who has taken shit from his lady for owning and listening to Steely Dan.